Anthony Fantano Wife: Who is His Soulmate?

Anthony Fantano is widely regarded as one of the best music critics of his generation. The New York Times dubbed him “perhaps the most popular music critic [of the contemporary era]” in 2020. Despite his celebrity, nothing is known about his personal life because he keeps things private.

That is why people are interested in learning more about Dominique Boxley and Anthony Fantano. The former is known as the reviewer’s wife, but little is known about her. So, who exactly is Dominique Boxley and Anthony Fantano?

Let’s start with the introduction of Anthony Fantano.

Who is Anthony Fantano?

Anthony Fantano probably loves music the most. Without it, his life could have taken an entirely different turn. As a child, Anthony had to deal with a minor weight issue. As a teenager, he was overweight.

This prompted Anthony to reassess his life choices, and by the age of 18, he had adopted a strict vegan diet. There is relatively little information available regarding his family and parents.


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We did discover, though, that they divorced while Anthony was still a youngster. When we checked into his heritage, we learned that he had Canadian, Sicilian, and French ancestry.

Who is Dominique Boxley?

Boxley has been in the spotlight since her marriage to Anthony Fantano. They are both really enthusiastic about music. Her interest in the subject began at a young age when she used to listen to music on the radio.

Dominique has also appeared in a handful of her husband’s YouTube music reviews. Dominique grew up in the United States of America. Boxley once stated that she is the youngest in her family but never revealed her parents or siblings. She is of African-American ancestry and of American nationality.

Is the Couple Still Married? Their Rumored Divorce

When Fantano’s wife abruptly disappeared from the spotlight, it was assumed that he and his wife had broken up. Everything became clear, however, when they gathered together and disputed the claims in a YouTube video posted on February 14, 2018.

“According to you guys, we were divorced and broke up,” Anthony explained. He continued, “We’ve just been relationship-wise just kind of beneath the spotlight because our privacy is essential but you know my online show is about my ideas on music it’s not how my marriage.”

According to sources, the two have kept their romance under wraps due to negative comments about their interracial marriage. They’ve been married for many years but have no children at the moment. They presently live in Middletown, Connecticut.

How Did They Meet?

In the late 2000s, they were discovered online. They were drawn to each other right away since they both loved music.

Following that, the couple embarked on their first date. Anthony was unable to make it in time due to his hectic work schedule and had to stand up to his future girlfriend for 30 minutes.

He said, “That was just a misinterpretation. I had work and simply neglected to notify her when I would be done.”

anthony fantano wife

Their first vacation was to Hershey, Pennsylvania. Later, the two went to Las Vegas and won more than $300 in gambling.

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Furthermore, Fantano and Dominique had numerous challenges throughout the first few years of their partnership. They had a familial problem as well as a money problem.

They used to live in a small New England apartment where the oven served as their primary source of heat.

How Was Their Relationship in the First Several Years?

When they first started dating, they experienced a lot of ups and downs. Domonique was said to be coping with family health concerns, which was a huge source of stress for the two.

The couple was also experiencing financial difficulties at the time. They were both just getting started in their careers and didn’t have much money.

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They used to live in a New England apartment where the oven was the only source of heat. They overcame each hurdle, though, by supporting and assisting one another. That is why their friendship has endured.

When Did Anthony Fantano and Dominique Boxley Marry?

The precise date of their wedding is uncertain, but according to multiple YouTube videos posted by Fantano and his wife Dominique, they married in the mid-2010s.

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On Valentine’s Day 2011, the couple made their public debut on Fantano’s YouTube channel. They discussed ten different love songs in the video. Anthony also introduced Dominique as his girlfriend in the video. The pair secretly exchanged vows after years of courting.

Dominique Boxley and Anthony Fantano Have Been Married for Many Years

Boxley and Fantano married in the mid-2010s, but their relationship remained a well-held secret. One of their first appearances was in “10 Love Songs We Love,” one of their earliest YouTube films together. It was uploaded in 2011 to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

In the video, Anthony introduced Dominique as his girlfriend for the first time. They dated for several years before getting married.

Do They Have Any Children?

Despite their long marriage, the couple has never had children. According to the tabloids, Anthony Fantano’s wife gave birth to their baby kid. They never validated the assertions, though.

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