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Who is Camila Mendes’s Boyfriend at Present? Have a Look at Her Dating History!

camila mendes boyfriend

This article will go over some fascinating facts about the life of famous actress Camila Mendes, such as her relationship status, family, and dating past. So, continue reading till the end for additional details.

Who Exactly is Camila Mendes?

Camila Carraro Mendes is an American actress and singer who was born on June 29, 1994. She made her television debut as Veronica Lodge on The CW’s Riverdale (2017–present), for which she earned the Teen Choice Award for Best Scene Stealer in 2017.

Morgan Cruise has appeared in the romantic comedy The New Romantic (2018), the Netflix original films The Perfect Date (2019) and Dangerous Lies (2020), and the critically praised sci-fi comedy Palm Springs (2020).

Who Is Camila Mendes’s Boyfriend? Meet Grayson Vaughan

Camila Mendes, 26, made her relationship with boyfriend Grayson Vaughan, 29, public on Instagram last year, one year after splitting with Riverdale co-star Charles Melton. Camila’s new boyfriend has made several appearances on her Instagram since they announced their relationship on social media, but who is Camila’s boyfriend?

Grayson, Camila’s boyfriend, is a celebrity photographer who has photographed the likes of Hailey Bieber and Amy Adams for cover shoots. Grayson was a model before becoming a photographer, but you won’t find many selfies on his Instagram feed because he prefers to photograph people.

What is the Job of Camila Mendes’ Boyfriend?

Photographer Grayson captures everything from fashion to the vast outdoors for his remarkable portfolio. Last August, he shot Camila’s Riverdale co-star KJ Apa in a sultry photoshoot.

From How Much Time Camila Mendes and Grayson Vaughan Are in a Relationship?

Camila and Grayson were first seen together in February 2020, but they didn’t disclose their romance until August – to be honest, quarantine may have played a role.

They had to take their romance long distance when Camila went out to film Riverdale Season 5 in Vancouver, Canada, separating herself from all of her co-stars.

Camila Mendes’ Relationship History

Camila Mendes shot to stardom after getting the role of Veronica in the hit CW drama Riverdale. She has also ventured out and worked with some of the industry’s biggest talents, including Sophie Turner, in Netflix’s upcoming film Strangers.

Camila responded to Elle’s question on what celebrity meant to her, saying, “You may use fame as an act of revenge.” Fame is a terrific way to say, ‘Look at me now.’ And I certainly felt that way at the start of my profession.

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‘Hey, all the exes who screwed me over!’ I exclaimed. All the friendships where we had a squabble! Look! Being apart from you has actually been beneficial to me!’ But, in the end, that is not the case.”

Ian Wallace

Heavy says that Mendes and cinematographer Ian Wallace were together from 2013 to 2017. For their third anniversary, the actress posted a tribute to her ex-boyfriend that she has since taken down. She wrote next to a picture of them together, “Three Years with this charmer.”

“I’m thankful for how much you inspire me and how much you love me no matter what. I love you a lot, Ian Wallace, and I’m glad I get to know how rare and special you are. Love, happy anniversary!” They broke up not long after their anniversary, which was sad.

Victor Houston

Victor Houston and Camila started dating in 2018. At the Beautycon event in Los Angeles that same year, Palm Springs actress Camila confirmed the relationship to E! News. A source told the publication that the couple had been dating since April and that they knew each other from going to high school in Florida near each other.

Before it was confirmed, Camila told Nylon that she was dating a “prospect” who wasn’t an actor. “And I think that’s what makes it so great. It’s someone who has nothing to do with the business.

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“It’s funny, because I’m more reluctant to talk about it because I don’t want him to read this,” she said. A source for E! News said that Camila ended the relationship because she wasn’t “ready to be in this relationship anymore.”

Charles Melton

In September 2018, Camila and Charles Melton were said to be dating after the actress shared a picture of the Riverdale cast on vacation (see below). In the picture, Camila and Charles were sharing a towel and seemed to be getting along.

The next month, they told everyone about their relationship, and from then on, they never tried to hide it. “People were guessing, so I did it. I want to be able to go about my life as usual. Like, “Sure, I’m dating this person, so what?” But I’m the type of person who will keep talking until I’ve said way too much.

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Still, I want to be able to kiss him and not think about it,” she told Fox News in December 2018 when asked why she stopped hiding her new relationship. In June 2019, the couple was still going strong. They were even seen holding hands near the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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