Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s Relationship: Why Was He Arrested to Attempt Murder?

Consider the fact that Sharon and Ozzy’s marriage has survived her infidelity, his drug use, and the coronavirus.

How Did Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne First Meet?

Sharon was just 18 when she and the rock star met in 1970 through her father, Don Arden, who was managing the band at the time.

In 1979, romance blossomed between them, and it would be several more years before they tied the knot.

Ozzy and Thelma Riley were married from 1971 to 1982, and during that time they had two children: Jessica and Louis. Ozzy adopted Elliot, the woman’s son.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s Relationship

How Did Sharon Help Ozzy?

After his dismissal from Black Sabbath in 1978, Ozzy replaced Don Arden with his daughter Sharon as his manager. Although the move caused tension between Ozzy and his daughter, Sharon is widely credited as the driving force behind Ozzy’s continued success.

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Ozzy’s first solo album, Blizzard of Ozz, was released in 1980 at Sharon’s urging. During their time working together, Ozzy’s record sales soared to new heights, he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and his profile was revived thanks to a reality show starring his own family.

Sharon also founded the annual Ozzfest tour, which has brought in millions of dollars and has featured her husband performing alongside other well-known rock acts.

When Did Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Get Married?

The happy couple wed in Hawaii on July 4, 1982, for a destination wedding they’ll never forget according to usmagazine. Ozzy wore a white suit and a bleach blonde mullet, and his bride wore a dress with a high neck and a long lace-trimmed veil, and her honey-colored hair was done up in elegant waves.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s Relationship

Their Wedding Day 1982

Their marriage made headlines only seven years after they tied the knot due to an alleged alcohol-fueled attack by Ozzy on Sharon.

“What the expletive had I done when I woke up in that tiny, barren cell with human feces all over the walls? Is it possible that one of my jokes would backfire on me? My next step was to consult a police officer, so I asked, “The Evening Standard, he said.

“When asked why I was there, I responded, “I don’t know.” I didn’t have a curse word of an idea. To put it simply, it’s a horrible sensation. A piece of paper was handed to me, and he said, “You’re charged with attempting to murder Mrs. Sharon Osbourne.” There are no words to describe how I felt. There was a complete loss of feeling on my part.”

Sharon Dropped the Charges, and Her Husband Went to Rehab for Three Months.

In 2017, for their 35th wedding anniversary, Sharon posted a photo from their wedding along with the caption: “For 35 wild and wonderful years, I thank you, Ozzy. We toast the beginning of the next stage of our lives. More in love with you now than I did yesterday.

Always keep in mind that my heart, which you now carry in your own, is getting older and more fragile. To the happy couple.”

After Being Arrested for Attempted Murder in 1989, Ozzy Said He Woke Up in Jail

That same year, the couple renewed their wedding vows in a private ceremony at Las Vegas’s Wynn Hotel, where none of their three children were present. On their second wedding day, they each dressed very differently, with Ozzy donning a dark suit and purple tie and Sharon wearing a white gown with draped sleeves that drew attention to her striking red bob.

Ozzy Went After Sharon in 1989 While Inebriated

Osbourne woke up in jail in 1989 after nearly choking his wife, and he wrote about it in his autobiography, I Am Ozzy. According to reports, the family had gone out to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate Aimee’s birthday. While Ozzy and Sharon were out to dinner, Ozzy drank heavily and complained to his wife/manager about how much work they had to do.

Osbourne, who doesn’t recall the incident, claims he was shocked to hear the police officer recount what happened: Reportedly, he stripped naked in the bedroom they shared and told his wife, “We’ve had a little talk, and it’s clear that you have to go.”

Even though Ozzy was charged with attempted murder after the incident, Sharon ultimately decided not to press charges and the couple remained together while he went to rehab.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s Relationship

When Was Ozzy Osbourne Arrested?

Ozzy Osbourne was arrested for public intoxication and taken to jail in San Antonio, Texas, in February 1982 after he urinated on a statue near the Alamo. Sharon Osbourne claims in “The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne” that while she was sleeping, her husband went out drinking with friends.

Although Sharon hid his clothes from him, he still managed to escape. The Prince of Darkness borrowed a dress from Sharon and left the castle.

The rock star wore the dress to a photo shoot at the Alamo the following day. “I wanted to take a pee, so I found this old wall, thinking it was an old alleyway, and I started to pee,” Ozzy said. He was immediately apprehended after urinating on the Cenotaph erected to remember those who lost their lives defending the Alamo.

His bail was only $40, so he was able to make it to his show that night, as reported by Loudwire. Ozzy wasn’t allowed to play in the area for a full decade. In 1992, he apologized publicly, donated $10,000 to an Alamo maintenance group, and performed two free concerts in San Antonio.

When Ozzy Osbourne Tried to Kill Sharon Osbourne?

At the height of his drug and alcohol addiction in 1989, Ozzy Osbourne attempted to kill his wife, Sharon. In “Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne,” an A&E series (via Insider), the couple discussed their experience. Ozzy has no recollection of what happened prior to his awakening in jail on attempted murder charges. However, Sharon recalls every detail.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s Relationship

It was then that Sharon recalled Ozzy saying, “We’ve come to a decision that you’ve got to die,” before he lunged at her and strangled her. He was very calm, she said. “I reached over and touched the items on the table, then pressed the panic button. After that, I didn’t have much time before the police arrived.”

When asked about it, Ozzy said, “It’s not exactly one of my greatest f***ing achievements.” Sharon dropped all charges against her husband, which left Ozzy “very, very surprised.” This decision could have cost Sharon her life. The judge did the right thing for Ozzy by sending him to rehab for six months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Sharon and Ozzy Love Each Other?

Sharon claims she and Ozzy are still together because they have always been able to recognize their underlying love for one another despite their sometimes “wild, insane, and dangerous” relationship. She explains that theirs is a story of tenacity.

Is There a Connection Between Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne?

At the age of 18, while working for her father, Don Arden, who managed Black Sabbath, Sharon Osbourne (then Sharon Levy) met the band’s vocalist, Ozzy Osbourne. After Ozzy was dismissed from Black Sabbath in 1979, Sharon began dating him and eventually took over his solo career’s management.

When Did Ozzy and Sharon Get Married?

There has been a connection between them since 1971. People report that Sharon, then only 18, worked as a receptionist for her father, music executive Don Arden, who had recently signed Black Sabbath. Between that time, Ozzy had tied the knot with his first wife, Thelma Riley (they would later split in 1982).

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