Rapper Silento Charged For Murder Of His Own Cousin 

Rapper Silento Charged For Murder Of His Own Cousin 

The successful rapper Silento has been officially charged with murder. He is said to have killed his cousin with eight shots.

Rapper Silento Is Said To Have Killed His Cousin With Eight Shots

This is a piece of horrifying news. Rapper Silento is said to have shot his cousin and has now been officially charged. He will have to stand trial for murder. Most of you probably know the rap star from his mega-hit “Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae)”, which has over 300 million plays on Spotify. In February, the DeKalb County Police Department arrested him, who suspected him of having shot his cousin Frederick Rooks. Rooks was found dead on the street on January 21; allegedly, eight gunshot wounds caused his death. Camera recordings of surrounding houses are said to have recorded at least one shot and several cars that have fled the crime scene. Silento was arrested twice in 2020. In October for frenzy, and in September, he has threatened people with an axe. Now the rapper has to answer for the death of his cousin in court officially.

Silento Officially Charged: Rapper Faces Trial For The Murder Of His Cousin

We often get shocking news from the rap world in America, and many stars have already been in prison. It was only in November that it became known that a US rapper allegedly killed a musician in his studio. In Georgia, rapper Silento, whose real name is Ricky Lamar Hawk, has now been charged by a “grand jury”. The rap star is charged with shooting his cousin and will face four different charges: willful murder, homicide resulting from another crime, aggravated assault, and possession of guns while committing a crime. He is currently still being held without bail. After his arrest in February, the Silento press secretary announced that he had suffered from several severe mental illnesses in recent years and asked for positive energies for the rapper and his family.

Back in February, Chanel Hudson, Silento’s publicist, said during a conversation that the rapper has been suffering from mental health illness issues. Silento is one of the most loved upcoming rappers in the USA. His single “Watch Me” reached No. 1 on Billboard’s chart of R&B and hip-hop songs.


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