Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman’ Salary Is Way Too Low! Know Here

Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman’ Salary Is Way Too Low! Know Here

“Twilight” star Robert Pattinson stars in “The Batman”. After playing a leading role, however, his fee does not work.

Has Hollywood got stingy? Robert Pattinson still knows “Twilight” fans as Edward Cullen, who won everyone’s hearts back then. It is a bit ironic; at the beginning, he was “too ugly” for the fans for the role. But forgive and forget, a lot has happened since then, and Pattinson has more than proven that he has a lot to offer as an actor! It is all the more surprising that his fee for the lead role in “The Batman” is relatively low, although he is said to be so blatant in his role. What’s going on there?

Hollywood Pays So Little To Pattinson

Variety has revealed that the Hollywood star will only receive the equivalent of $3 million for his leading role as Bruce Wayne, aka “Batman”. Okay, of course, that’s an incredible amount of money for people like us. And it’s not like Pattinson gnaws at hunger or anything like that. After all, the actor is said to have an estimated fortune of $90 million. Still, it’s a pretty lovely step down the pay ladder; for his role in “Twilight”, the star received a total of $21 million for the later films, and not to forget, he also earned a lot from the franchise with what his salary was later increased to $40 million. WOW! Warner Bros. seems to be entirely unimpressed by this and gives the actor a fraction of these amounts as a fee for a leading role. And it’s not just about any movie; it’s about “The Batman.” Pattinson is worthless in Hollywood?

That’s Why Pattinson Gets So Little

If you look at the last Pattinson films, the star’s comparatively low salary is no longer so absurd. Although critics celebrated his previous roles, they were more artistic indie productions at the end of the day. He now has to prove to Hollywood that his name is still making money. This is a pretty plain view of things; after all, not all people are comic book fans celebrating Pattinson either. But it doesn’t even look that bleak, “The Batman” is a massive and essential film, and Warner Bros. knows that and is promoting it accordingly. If everything goes well, Pattinson can once again prove himself for mainstream cinema.


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