Elliot Page: Fans Are Concerned About The Star!

Elliot Page: Fans Are Concerned About The Star!

Elliot Page has had a pretty bad time. The star “collapsed” when he suddenly found himself in the limelight due to the success of “Inception”. When he was still seen as a woman to the outside world, the expectations placed on him drowned Page. The fans were thrilled when he came out as a transgender person and dared the first steps in the life that he had always wanted to lead. When he recently showed his half-naked body, the fans freaked out and congratulated him because he still looked so happy. But now that no longer seems to be the case, more and more concerned fans are reporting to his Instagram profile and wondering what may have happened to him.

What’s Wrong With Elliot Page?

Fans were so happy for Page, and his life saw the actor smile again after what felt like an eternity and was delighted with him. But now, more and more fans are worried about him. One fan wrote that Page “really … doesn’t look good” in the interview with Oprah in which he talked about his time before he came out. Fans described Page in the interview as super skinny and pale, but some argue that this could be due to the light. According to the fans, in the photos at Instagram., Page looks “worn out” and “sad”, and some also worry about the star’s weight. Overall, however, they are all quite cautious about jumping to conclusions. After all, it is clear that they don’t know Page and that looks can be deceiving. On the other hand, there are theoretical reasons for Pages’ weakened appearance.

That Could Bother Elliot Page

Fans have their theories about what could affect the star right now. After all, due to the outing as a transgender person, there is currently much media attention on the actor. Many of the comments that flow into his socials are full of love and uplifting words – but not all of them either. Like many other queer people, Page also has to deal with prejudice and hatred. In addition, the actor is also getting divorced from Emma Portner. All things that undoubtedly drain Page’s strength. The page has not yet given an official statement about his condition, but it seems as if the eyes of the fans are focused on him right now.


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