Alyssa Milano Met A Terrible Car Accident With Her Uncle

Alyssa Milano Met A Terrible Car Accident With Her Uncle

“Charmed” “Charmed” star Alyssa Milano had a terrible car accident and even saved her uncle’s life.

Alyssa Milano’s Car Accident: Uncle Of The “Charmed” Star Suffers A Heart Attack While Driving

For eight seasons, Alyssa Milano played “Phoebe Halliwell” in the hit series “Charmed”. The actress had a terrible car accident with her uncle and probably saved their lives in the process. 

On Tuesday, Alyssa Milano was the passenger with her uncle Mitch, who suddenly had a medical problem behind the wheel. Police told TMZ that her uncle fainted from a heart attack while being pushed by another car. The car drifted into the opposite lane, where it collided with other cars. However, the “Charmed” star reacted quickly and was able to stop the car before anything worse happened.

How “Charmed” Star Alyssa Milano Saved Her Uncle And Herself

According to TMZ, Alyssa Milano is said to have been the great saviour in the car accident. While her uncle passed out at the wheel, the “Charmed” star leaned over him to apply the brakes with her hand. Immediately after the car stopped, she began cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The actress did this until the ambulance arrived. 

Fortunately, she was not alone; a few attentive and friendly passers-by stopped to help Alyssa Milano. Her uncle Mitch is now being treated in the hospital, and the “Charmed” star seems to be doing a little better. She tweeted just a short time later: “We should all take every chance we have to protect the people we love. Get vaccinated. Wear masks. Lock your weapons safely. Learn heart-lung resuscitation. Little ones.” 

“Ordinary actions. It’s not difficult to take care of one another, but it’s so important.” 

Hopefully, they will both recover from this bad car accident. 

Milano Struggles With Mental Health

Previously the Charmed star blasted over a troll after it commented on her struggles with mental health. The ‘Who’s The Boss’ star went on TikTok to respond to a follower who asked if she took her medication. The star responded that she does not forget to take medication; she takes her medication every day. The actor also revealed that she suffered from anxiety and panic disorder.

The actress has been actively open about her mental health. In an essay she wrote for TIME in 2020, she wrote about her experience with anxiety after the birth of her son Milo. The actress confronted her fears and mental health issues and asked her fans frequently to take mental health seriously.


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