Hollywood Is Boycotting Johnny Depp From The Industry

Hollywood Is Boycotting Johnny Depp From The Industry

Johnny Depp speaks for the first time about being boycotted by Hollywood. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star is virtually unemployed today.

Hollywood Hates Johnny Depp: “Pirates of the Caribbean” Star Doesn’t Let Any More Jobs

From one of the most popular Hollywood stars to Hollywood’s hate object. Johnny Depp has come down steeply. “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Alice in Wonderland” are some of the actor’s greatest works. For a while, the actor got hold of all the important and big roles, as he was considered a talented actor. But that changed in a rather tragic way, ex-wife Amber Heard filed for divorce in May 2016, accusing him of physical abuse. 

Since then, the two have been arguing in court. Johnny Depp is determined to prove his innocence. He suffered a few setbacks in the process. When he tried to sue UK magazine ‘The Sun’ last year for calling him a “woman beater”, he lost the case because the article was “essentially true”. Then Johnny Depp was also removed from the “Fantastic Beasts” cast. Today the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star is practically unemployed and has serious problems getting new roles.

Johnny Depp Unemployed: “Hollywood Is Boycotting Me”

Meanwhile, a replacement for Johnny Depp in “Fantastic Beasts 3” has been found. However, the process between him and Amber Heard has not yet been resolved. These allegations had a major impact on his job. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star is no longer seen with pleasure in Hollywood, he hardly gets any roles and currently has to fight for his new film “Minamata” to be shown in America. There he plays the photojournalist W. Eugene Smith, who helped uncover the effects of mercury poisoning on Japanese coastal residents in the 1970s. Because of its legal dispute, the film has not yet been shown in America. 

In an interview, Johnny Depp speaks for the first time about “There are films that touch people and influence the lives of the people in Minamata and people who have experienced similar things. And for what reason is Hollywood’s boycott on me? A man, an actor in an uncomfortable and confusing situation over the last few years?” He promised those affected to deal with the issue with respect and he took this promise very seriously. He added: “I’m moving in right now to bring everything necessary to light.” 

Amber Heard’s allegations are to be taken seriously, but at the same time, the presumption of innocence applies to Johnny Depp until a final verdict is pronounced. 


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