Manu Rios: What’s the latest rumour about this elite star?

Manu Rios

There is no doubt that the face of the fourth season of “Elite” is the handsome actor Manu Ríos, who has been in close contact with another internet heartthrob in recent days. And with like any celebrity he is doused in rumours, the latest one being about his sexuality.

Although little is known about the private life of this young actor, fans speculate that his heart is already very busy. Despite being found to be getting cosy with various actresses, elite star Manu Ríos is still surrounded by speculation that he might have a boyfriend. After Ríos wrote a tweet to call the homophobes, the rumours started catching fire. 

Manu has become one of the most popular people since the Elite 4 premiere, and here’s everything we know about these rumours.

Speculations about his sexuality

Rumors about his sexual orientation made Manu the centre of attention. Many people speculate that Manu Rios might not be straight. He posted on his Twitter account and shut down all rumours. Through his Twitter account, he expressed his feelings for those who insulted them using the term “homosexual”. Some of his followers showed support for his statement and few held a negative attitude. 

Later, when he and his friend Denisse Peña released their snapshot, the matter was clarified. Although he has many friends, his dating history is completely null. And this may be why he spread the rumors. After being these rumours, he posted another photo of himself and the same girl. 

According to his Instagram social media account, he appears to be closely related to Carly Gibert. Carly is also a social media star and it looks like they are dating too. However, neither party confirmed it.

Who is Manu Rios boyfriend?

Despite never being publicly seen with a boyfriend or a male partner, Manu is always speculated to be not straight. Part of the reason could be his portryal of Patrick in the Spanish Netflix show ‘Elite’. 

Fans of the influencer commented that he is a partner of the equally famous Carlos Parejo, and that he has been with him for several years. Although no confirmation from either of the parties has been carried out so far. Manu is a model by profession and has demonstrated his musical talent on his social network, he is even called “Spanish Justin Bieber” by many people.

Manu Rios’s Net Worth

Manu Ríos started his career at the age of only 9. He has a younger brother, Joseph. His career began with the production team behind the show “Cantando en Familia”. In 2010, he won the main child role of “Gavroche” in the adaptation of Les Misérables. Manu joined the teenager band Parchis and signed up for the 2012 musical Don Pepito. In addition, he is also working for the band recently. Manu has his own YouTube channel, also known as “MANURIOS”, and is also a live chat star. 

The actor, singer and internet celebrity Rios has a net worth of more than $500,000. According to reports, he made a lot of money from different jobs. Wiki claims that his band is one of the highest paid bands, and has also made huge income through concerts and performances. However, he also receives revenue from his Instagram and YouTube channels. His Instagram account has more than 9.4 million followers, and his YouTube channel has 1.51 million YouTube subscribers. 

He has more than 1.35 million subscribers, has millions of views, and releases cover songs among them. His YouTube channel is also his main source of income, as well as his net worth and salary.


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