Is Microsoft Teams Server Down Today?

There are problems with Microsoft services like MS Teams, Outlook, Azure, and Microsoft 365. Most of the reports of outages come from users in India. Just for Teams, Downdetector has more than 3500 reports.

LinkedIn, a popular social media site for professionals, is also having trouble. Over 3,000 reports have also been made by Outlook users in India so far.

Microsoft has also said that there is a problem. Microsoft 365 Status sent out a tweet that said, “We’re looking into problems that are affecting multiple Microsoft 365 services.”

Microsoft Azure, the company’s public cloud platform, is also down, which makes us think that the server that hosts Microsoft services is also down.

Due to the outage, most Microsoft Teams users can’t send or receive messages or even join calls that have already been set up.

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Teams and Outlook are two of the most-used business apps, and the outage is causing a lot of trouble, which is leading to a lot of memes on Twitter.

Many MS Teams users couldn’t join the calls or send messages, so they went to Twitter to talk about it.

Another user said, “Not only is #MicrosoftTeams down but #Microsoft seems to be down as a whole.” Exchange Online, SharePoint, and so on. Our phones are hot to the touch.

Some of the users also started to wonder if the recent layoffs by the tech giant had anything to do with the services Microsoft Team was having trouble with.

A user wrote, “Microsoft Teams is acting weird today. I wonder if it has anything to do with the layoffs.”

Microsoft Corp. said on Wednesday that it was looking into an outage that prevented tens of thousands of people in India from using the website’s services, such as Teams and Outlook.

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