Geena Davis Describes a Resurfaced Interview in Which Bill Murray Pulls Down Her Dress Strap as “So Devastating”!

Geena Davis described an “awful” TV interview with Bill Murray in which he tugged her dress strap down on live television.

Davis discussed the incident with British publication I and her new memoir, “Dying of Politeness,” which was released on October 11. Davis, 66, collaborated with Murray, 72, in 1990 on the criminal comedy “Quick Change.” The two appeared on “The Arsenio Hall Show” that year to promote the film, but Davis told the publication the interview made her feel uneasy.

“What did you see? Isn’t it beautiful?” Davis told the outlet before describing the situation as “terrible.”

Murray was seen massaging Davis’ arms and, at one point, tugging down her dress strap as she spoke to Hall about her audition experience.

“Did he make an impression on you during the audition?” During the conversation, Hall asked Davis about Murray.

geena davis

“Sure, I swear. The first thing he did was take my shirt off and begin tickling my stomach “As the audience laughed, she answered with a smile.

Davis told the site that, while she brushed it off at the time, the encounter was ultimately “devastating.”

“I had forgotten about it. Telling it that way, as if it were a funny anecdote, I must have felt, ‘Well, that’s eventually funny, or makes a wonderful story,’ when in fact it was so terrible, “Davis stated.

Murray’s representatives did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

According to the publication, Davis also discussed the audition in her memoir, adding that it took Davis “decades” to understand how Murray treated her at the time. Davis stated that when she went to Murray’s hotel suit to audition, despite her refusal, he used a massage device he named “The Thumper” on her.

“I said no multiple times, but he wouldn’t n relent,” she writes. She wrote, “I realized with a profound sadness that I didn’t yet have the ability to withstand this onslaught or to simply walk out.”

Murray also acted aggressively with her while filming on set, according to the memoir. Murray screamed at her and “came roaring into the trailer, aggressively hammering on the door.”

During a guest appearance on “Saturday Night Live” earlier this month, comedian Seth Green shared a tense experience with Murray when he was nine years old. Murray allegedly threw Green into a garbage can because he refused to leave his spot on a couch, although he was later consoled by “SNL” performers Eddie Murphy and Tim Kazurinsky.

“They were like, ‘Hey, everybody knows Bill’s a dick,'” Greens recalled of Murphy and Kazurinsky. “He is the show’s host. He’s most likely anxious about it. You must be an expert. The spectacle must continue.”

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