Star Trek: Shocking Fact Revealed Rivalry Between B’elanna And Seven Of Nine!

Star Trek: Picard will return for Season 2, and it appears that an old foe will also return—Annie Wersching will sing the Borg Queen in the show’s second season. The fight between Jean-Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart) with the Borg has been and will continue to be addressed in Star Trek programs and movies.

These alien cybernetic creatures have haunted Starfleet crews since Q (John de Lancie) dropped the Enterprise into Borg space. Picard’s protracted (and untreated) PTSD as a result of being captured and assimilated by the Borg was one of the more striking moments in Picard’s first phase. Seven of Nine, another member of Picard’s new crew, has a much closer and more unsettling connection to the Borg (Jeri Ryan).

Seven was introduced in the fourth season premiere of Star Trek: Voyager as a member of the peacekeeping force Fenris Rangers. Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and her staff had agreed to collaborate with the Borg Collective to remove Species 8472, an even larger menace to the Delta Quadrant.

Captain Janeway had urged the Co-operative to establish a representative to continue negotiations with them, similar to how the Borg had converted Picard into Locutus of Borg. As a result, Seven of Nine, Tertiary Assistants of Unimatrix 01, appeared on the scene.

Soon after, Seven’s link with the Borg was severed, and Janeway assumed responsibility for her rehabilitation and, for lack of a better word, integration into the Voyager crew.

Seven’s freedom from the Borg didn’t mean she could put that chapter of her life behind her. She writhed at being alone with only her thoughts. Seven’s ancestry was clear due to her cybernetic grafts. Not only did she appear odd, but seven belonged to one of the Federation’s most destructive and despised castes.

The crew of the Voyager tried hard not to offend her, but they couldn’t stop themselves from being insensitive at times. Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill) once referred to her as a robot, and he did it right in front of Seven.

Tom accidentally alienated Seven despite not intending to do so on purpose (not to worry, they had a very professional relationship after that). Naomi Wildman (Scarlett Pomers) is initially terrified of Seven before eventually becoming his protégé.

B’Elanna Torres (Roxann Dawson) and Chakotay (Robert Beltran) were at first distrustful of her, but both eventually warmed up to her. Though B’Elanna and Seven never really got along—they were just too similar—Voyager ended with a glimpse into Chakotay and Seven’s sexual relationship.

Seven’s morals were questionable, even though she was a member of the Collective. Her stay on Voyager provided her with a fresh perspective on everything the Collective had done and the role she had played in it.

Seven was simply a drone, but she wasn’t without flaws, as evidenced in “Survival Instinct,” when she was confronted with the consequences of one particular act of self-centeredness while she was Borg.

Seven had joined three drones into a mini-hive mind while beached on a planet before her arrival on Voyager to prevent them from defecting from the Shared. It wrecked the life of the other three drones and eventually led to their demise.

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