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How Much Money Has Jamie Lee Curtis Made From the ‘Halloween’ Films?


Jamie Lee Curtis has been dubbed the “Scream Queen” after working in the horror film industry for almost 40 years, but she did not start off rich.

The first “Halloween” film was released in 1978, and it generated over ten sequels. However, the majority of them lacked any original cast members.

“Halloween Kills,” a direct sequel to the original starring Curtis, was released in 2018.

“Halloween Ends,” the franchise’s final film, will be released in October.

“It wasn’t a franchise, and that’s something I want to tell people,” Curtis said at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. “[Creators] John Carpenter and Debra Hill collaborated on a single film.”

“They sparked the conflict between good and evil. The fact that it has been stretched, tugged, extrapolated, and expanded is lovely, but it is still the same story.”

Despite playing a major role in the original 1978 “Halloween” film, Curtis said in an interview with People magazine in 2018 that she only received $8,000 for her performance and was handed $200 to purchase her own costumes for the film.

Curtis told the newspaper, “I made $8,000.” “I made $2,000 each week, which was a fortune at the time.”

The film grossed $47 million at the box office.

According to reports, Curtis made $100,000 in the film’s sequel “Halloween II.”

The actress’s compensation increased following the first two horror films. Curtis reportedly earned $5 million for “Halloween H20.” Curtis made $3 million in 2002’s “Halloween Resurrection,” despite being killed off early in the film.

Curtis’ pay for the most recent “Halloween” movie is unknown.

When asked if there were any potential spoilers for “Halloween Ends,” Curtis described it as “complicated,” “strange,” and “extremely emotional,” promising fans a “good conclusion.”

Curtis, the star of the first “Halloween” film, was enthusiastic about the new maze at Halloween Horror Nights, saying that even if she does not walk through it, her fans will remember her as brave because of how brave her character was in the film.

“It’s fantastic that it’s named after my doppelganger Laurie Strode. This has absolutely nothing to do with Jamie Curtis.

Jamie Curtis dislikes scary things, but Laurie Strode represents tenacity, strength, kick—ness, intense bravery, intelligence, fortitude, and perseverance for generations of fans, and all of those attributes are what I then get to embody, so people think that’s me “Curtis elaborated.

“It doesn’t matter if I go through the maze or not, that’s what they think about me because that’s what they think about Laurie Strode,” she added.

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