Meghan Trainor Talks About Her ‘Traumatic’ Experience When Her Newborn Baby, Riley, ‘Didn’t Wake Up for a Week’!

Meghan Trainor recently spoke out about her hospitalization shortly after the birth of her kid in February 2021.

Riley, the singer’s now 20-month-old kid with husband Daryl Sabara, was born last year. Trainor and Sabara met and began dating in 2016 after being introduced by mutual friend Chloe Grace Moretz, and they married in December 2018.

Trainor described the week following her son’s birth in an interview with People. He wouldn’t remain awake long enough to eat, and she was frustrated that physicians couldn’t explain why or tell her and her husband when their son’s health would improve.

“Not having an answer was just incredibly irritating,” the singer explained. “It was incredibly frustrating not knowing why my child didn’t wake up for a week.”

Riley was in the NICU, Trainor previously said to Romper, since he was struggling to wake up to eat.

Trainor was also irritated by the medics’ attempts to persuade her that her son’s health was her responsibility because she had been using antidepressants during her pregnancy.

“They said, ‘Sometimes it happens,’ and some nurses said, ‘Well, it’s because you’re on antidepressants,'” Trainor explained. “And I’m like, ‘Yeah, but others have told me it’s not that.'”

The “All About That Bass” singer didn’t know how profoundly the entire experience had affected her until she discussed it with her therapist and realized she was experiencing nightmares about her birth, picturing herself being operated on during the C-section.

Meghan Trainor

“[We] discovered how traumatic it all was, and how I was getting PTSD at night when I tried to sleep,” she explained. “I’d be back on the table in the C-section.”

The trauma she had caused her to be afraid of becoming pregnant again and having to go through another terrifying post-birth situation. Despite her trauma, Trainor and Sabara are hoping for another child so that their son can have a brother.

“It’s frightening to go into another pregnancy thinking, ‘Well, I hope that doesn’t happen again.’ Do I have to change my entire life? I’m not sure, “She elaborated. “So it irritates me.”

Despite Riley’s rocky start in life, Trainor says he’s doing fantastic and is reaching all kinds of milestones, including recognizing her as his mother and expressing affection for her, something Trainor is very proud of.

She explained that her son had always been a daddy’s boy. While he still doesn’t say “mama,” he goes up to her and gives her enormous hugs, which she adores.

“He finally recognizes me and offers me those rushing hugs. It reminds me of my tiny koala. He simply squeezes me so tightly that I think to myself, ‘Oh my God, he knows who I am and loves me,'” Trainor explained. “Because this boy only says ‘Dada,’ and that’s all.

So I’m thinking to myself, ‘Does he even know I exist?’ But no, I now feel like he loves me, and it’s the best feeling in the world.”

Trainor has never regretted opening up about her mental health difficulties as a mother, explaining that it’s her way of letting other moms know they’re not alone in their thoughts and that she can relate to them.

“When I talk about what I went through with my mental health things, or anything unpleasant or whatever I struggled with,… I thought, ‘I bet there are many other moms out there who are suffering with this too,'” she added. “I’m fine with telling the truth and discussing personal matters if it helps people, you know?”

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