Alex Jones Was Fined $965 Million in the Sandy Hook Defamation Trial!

Alex Jones, who was broadcasting alongside the court session, branded the $965 million verdict against him a “joke” and begged his viewers to contribute him hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for an appeal.

As a jury in Connecticut ordered Alex Jones to pay almost $1 billion in damages to the relatives of eight Sandy Hook victims and an F.B.I. agent he accused of being actors, he mocked on his show: “Do these people genuinely think they’re getting any money?”

Mr. Jones termed the $965 million judgment against him a “joke” during a court hearing on Wednesday, which he did not attend. He then attempted to persuade his audience to send him money.

Mr. Jones, a fabulist who was found responsible for defamation for falsely claiming that the 2012 massacre was a fake, told viewers that the Democratic establishment was out to destroy him and that “your pennies counter their millions.”

alex jones

The verdict was the main story on his website, which was covered in adverts for the diet products he sells, and it was connected to an appeal to buy his book. He intended to do an “emergency” broadcast lasting more than 16 hours in order to “save Infowars,” imploring people to “deluge us with donations.”

“I can keep them in court for years for hundreds of thousands of dollars.” “I can appeal this,” he remarked.

Mr. Jones stated that he and his company, Infowars parent Free Speech Systems, were “nearly completely out of money” and that the plaintiffs “can’t draw blood from a stone.” He has declared bankruptcy for Free Speech Systems, which the Sandy Hook victims’ families have challenged in court as an attempt by Mr. Jones to avoid paying damages.

Mr. Jones said during the trial that he needed $80,000 in protection to fly to Connecticut to testify. He arrived in Waterbury on a private aircraft and stayed in a leased property with a pool and tennis court with an entourage.

A financial expert testified in August during an earlier damages trial in Texas that Mr. Jones and Free Speech Systems were worth between $135 million and $270 million.

Mr. Jones, who has admitted that the massacre was “100% real,” returned to throwing doubt on prior school shootings on Wednesday, while also articulating other bogus narratives. He claimed that the verdict was intended to “frighten us away from examining Uvalde and what really happened there, or Parkland or any other tragedy.”

“We’re not going away, and we’re not going to stop,” he added.

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