The Cast of the Curse of Bridge Hollow: Who Plays the Father-Daughter Combination in Netflix’s Adventure Film?

The Curse of Bridge Hollow, directed by Jeff Wadlow, could be the exact Halloween film you’ve been looking for. This is the ideal family-friendly horror comedy film arriving this fall, following the fun-filled eerie adventures of a father-daughter combination who team up to combat some spooky Halloween decorations.

The plot revolves around a science teacher who despises Halloween and his daughter Sydney, who accidentally summons mystical entities. These spirits take up residence inside Halloween decorations and cause mayhem around the town.

The father and daughter must now collaborate to put a stop to the threat and save themselves and others they care about.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow will be released on Netflix on October 14, 2022, with Marlon Wayans and Priah Ferguson playing the father and daughter, respectively.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow

Howard is Played by Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans is a well-known American actor and comedian best recognised for his comedic roles. He began his Hollywood career in a little role as a pedestrian in I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.

Following that, he worked with his brother Shawn Wayans on the sitcom The Wayans Bros, which aired on WB for four years until 1999. Wayans has also appeared in horror films such as Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2. His other films include White Chicks, Little Man, and Dance Flick.

His most recent appearance, as Howard in the upcoming The Curse of Bridge Hollow, will see him return to comic book characters. Sydney’s father, Howard, is entirely uninterested and uninvolved in Halloween celebrations.

This is about to change when his daughter unintentionally summons magical monsters from the other side. Now Howard must assist his daughter in returning them to their rightful place.

Sydney is Played by Priah Ferguson

Priah Ferguson is a rising actress best known for her role as Erica Sinclair in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

After seeing Crooklyn and Daddy’s Little Girls, she was encouraged to work in the profession. Ferguson began her career by appearing in locally produced short and indie films. Following that, she made her television debut with the FX Network’s Atlanta and the Civil War drama Mercy Street.

She was immediately cast as Lucas Sinclair’s younger sister in Netflix’s science fiction horror series Stranger Things. After a few seasons, she was upgraded to series regular.

Ferguson has also appeared in The Oath and will soon be seen in the Halloween comedy The Curse of Bridge Hollow. When Sydney unintentionally summons the Halloween spirits, the entire town is thrown into disarray. She must now clean up the mess she made, with some assistance from her father.

Other Members of the Cast

In addition to Ferguson and Wayans, The Curse of Bridge Hollow includes:

  • Emily is played by Kelly Rowland
  • Rob Riggle
  • John Michael Higgins
  • Nia Vardalos
  • Tammyis played by Lauren Lapkus
  • Jamie is played by Holly J. Barrett
  • Mario is played by Myles Vincent Perez
  • Ramona is played by Abi Monterey
  • Helen Slayton-Hughes

On Friday, October 14, 2022, tune in to Netflix for some Halloween-themed adventures with The Curse of Bridge Hollow.

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