Fans at a Los Angeles Rams Game Booed Kim Kardashian When She Was Shown on the Big Screen! Details Inside

Kim Kardashian went to Sunday’s LA Rams game with her son Saint, but the crowd was not very nice to them.

After showing singer John Legend, the camera moved on to the “Kardashians” star. Some people in the crowd started to boo, and a few others joined in to show their displeasure with the model. She smiled, blew a kiss, and waved at the audience members, even though they were rude.

After the incident, Kim’s fans went on Twitter to defend her.

Damn, they booed her so loudly,’ one social media user wrote. Another user joked that the reality star wasn’t in her posh neighbourhood of Calabasas, California, anymore.

The Arrow star Stephen Amell also came to Kardashian’s aid. He wrote on Twitter that being booed at a sporting event was a huge compliment and that when people don’t know you but still dislike you, it means you are very well-known.

Kim hasn’t been bothered by the event. She showed off her NFL trip with her son Saint on Instagram Stories without saying anything else about it. Even though the Rams lost to the Cowboys 10–22, a 6-year-old Saint wore a Jalen Ramsey jersey, waved the flag, and cheered when the Rams scored a touchdown.

Saint not only cheered from the stands but also walked onto the field. He was also able to see the Rams’ 2022 Super Bowl trophy. Kardashian did not seem to bring her other children to the sporting event with her son Saint.

Kim went to the LA Rams game with her son Saint after she filed for divorce from Kanye West on February 19, 2021, nearly seven years after they were married in Italy. They were no longer married in the eyes of the law as of March. Their public breakup led to a number of other controversies, such as her dating life and Kanye’s angry posts on social media about the Kardashians.

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