Do Kaguya and Miyuki end up as a couple in Kaguya-sama? Love is War explained

Do Kaguya and Miyuki end up as a couple: What is the relationship status of our favourite couple

Kaguya Sama: Love Is War is a Japanese romantic comedy comic series by Aka Akasaka. It was serialized in Shueisha’s Seinen comic magazine Miracle Jump in May 2015, and transferred to Weekly Young Jump in March 2016. In North America, the comic is licensed in English by Viz Media.

Kaguya Sama: Love is War Japanese anime fans have been lucky enough to get more content recently, thanks to the recent OVA released in May 2021. However, since the anime has two seasons and there are only 24 episodes in total so far, some of you may not be able to help wondering what will happen next. 

Fortunately, since the third season of Kaguya Sama: Love is War was confirmed, fans may not have to wait that long. 

The youth manga “Kaguya sama: Love is War” adapted from Aka Akasaka’s youth comic tells the story of student council president and vice president Shiragin Miyuki and Shinomiya Kaguya. The students considered them a perfect match, what they did not know was that these two people already loved each other very much, but they were too proud to confess. So when this romantic comedy takes us on an interesting journey, which contains the most random schematics and funny comments, the mental game begins. 

From the second season finale, it remains to be confirmed whether Kaguya and Miyuki are together in the end. From a pure animation perspective, it may be too early to reach this point. Maybe or maybe not we will see this in season 3. Of course, excited fans can’t wait to find the answer to this question.

So if you are really curious to know about the relationship status of the couple read ahead. All the information has been sourced from the manga so beware of the spoilers (if you are really going ahead we fear you).

Are they together right now?

In Chapter 160, Kaguya and Miyuki have a date. Whether it is the first official date or not is definitely an argument between the two of them. Kaguya finally confessed and asked Miyuki to be her boyfriend. In Chapter 162, he happily announces to Hayasaka that they are officially dating. 

The last episode of season two was adapted into episode 101, so we may not see them reuniting in season three. At least while we are waiting, we can witness more student unions and the pranks they fall into.

When can we finally see the couple together on screen: Season 3 release date

When the official Twitter account of the series announced that it had confirmed Season 3 through Funimation on October 25, 2020, fans of “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War” got the news they were waiting for. That announcement, so anyone who wants to know when they will see the new series may have to rely on some informed guessing. 

Animation News first reported that the animation of “Kaguya-sama: Love is War” was announced in May 2018. As with the announcement of Season 3, no release date was given, although the series aired in June 2019, seven months after the end of the series. According to Anime News Network, when Season 2 was announced in October 2019, it also aired in Japan in April 2020, seven months later. 

However, it has been nine months since the announcement on October 25, 2020 and the studio has no word on when the show will arrive. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say what kind of impact the current global pandemic of COVID19 has on the production of “Kaguya sama: Love is War”, but the series may be on the horizon, ready for the arrival of fall or winter in 2021. The studio has not produced any release window and can be streamed in early 2022. 


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