Does Perry Mason ever Marry? Does he Marry Della Street?

Did Perry Mason ever get hitched to Della Street?

Since the HBO revival launched this year, the romantic life of legendary fictional lawyer Perry Mason seems to have returned to the limelight, with his own views on his love life and marriage. Perry Mason is not the most qualified bachelor in Los Angeles, at least not so much in the HBO resurgence. He is a legal workaholic, the savior of the weak, and the destroyer of thieves. 

Have You Ever Fallen In Love? Let us share some of our findings with you. 

In the HBO reinvention, Perry separated from his wife and a Spanish businessman focused on his ancestral property and had an almost romantic connection to the surreal spirit of Sister Alice, the evangelist. 

However, by the end of the show, neither of them have become potentially suitable for marriage. But it appears that the 2020 show is true to the spirit of the character’s original creator, Erle Stanley Gardner, and hopes his Perry Mason will overcome the secular pleasures of married life.

Who was Perry Mason?

Long before Perry Mason became a legendary lawyer, he was a war veteran suffering from PTSD and struggling to find his place in the world. His first trial as a lawyer was the brutal murder of a boy who was kidnapped and returned with his eyes open. Mother Emily Dodson (Gail Rankin) was charged with a crime, partly for an affair with the defendant and partly for upsetting sexism during the Great Depression.

Perry Mason is an American drama that has taken inspiration from a character of the same name created by Erle Stanley Gardner. It focuses on the origin story of the famous defense lawyer Perry Mason. The series was developed and written by Rollin Jones and Ron Fitzgerald, and starring Matthew Reese. In July 2020, HBO renewed the second season of the series. 

So did he ever get married?

In his nearly nine-year career of fictitious defense lawyer Perry Mason, the main character has been adapted into various books, comics, TV movies, movies, and TV shows. Each adaptation has a different vision of his personal life, because the creator Erle has never blurted out anything about this excellent lawyer, nor his star sign. Therefore, despite Perry Mason’s tenacious pursuit of the truth and confessions in the witness stand, his marital status basically remains single. He might as well live in his office because he is there all day anyway, and a woman is almost always the subject of a case. 

Gardner managed to maintain a clear tension between Perry and his assistant Della, but he always said that Della and Perry would reduce Perry’s attraction! In addition, he doesn’t want this to happen to this fashionable, independent character like Della.

Why did he never get married to Della?

In fact, they did, at least in one of Perry Mason’s trillions of works. But in most cases, they are just good colleagues. The Warner Bros. version of the Velvet Claw case issued in 1936 witnessed the marriage of Della and Perry. 

When Perry Mason was adapted for television in the 1950s, Della was portrayed as a more traditional character, and all flirting disappeared. But thanks to their chemistry on the screen, the passionate romance between Della and Perry continues in the hearts of fans. 

They didn’t kiss until the talk show host case of 1993, and the romance was finally confirmed. However, Gardner always keeps a distance from this particular interpretation. Even in Gardner’s novel, it was clear from the beginning that Della had a great influence on Perry, and their relationship was deeper than the relationship between the employer and his secretary. In Gardner’s story, you can see a variety of possible romantic examples, starting with multiple glances, kisses, and even Perry’s marriage proposal. 

However, Della rejected all proposals because the professional’s wife did not have a job at that time. Therefore, she cannot continue to serve as his secretary (and effective partner). Awesome, right? Well, this is your Della Street.


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