Who Is Stronger Between Godzilla and Kong?

king kong vs godzilla

Ever since Warner Bros. and the Legendary Pictures made an announcement that they are filming a “MonsterVerse,” this is the fated battle everyone is waiting for ages: Godzilla vs. King Kong. Fire meets skin. Hands down the most popular monster in movie history, King Kong and Godzilla were responsible for the entire concept of the “Monster War” movie in the first game nearly 60 years ago. Since then, each one has appeared in countless sequels, spin-offs, and restarts. But they never crossed his way again. Until now. 

Some people will say that it is because a movie is not big enough for both of them. But we do not agree with the idea that you cannot choose.

Even the most wondrous animals have a certain basis in science and reality, so the human world is a good factor to better understand the monsters in this movie. 

Bigger than life 

First of all, the most important thing to realize is that both King Kong and Godzilla are far beyond the practicality of biological possibilities. This is due to the large size and the laws of physics. Their heart will not be able to pump blood to the head, they will have temperature regulation problems, and nerve signals from the brain will take a longer time to reach the distant parts of the body, to name just a few. 

However, assuming that Godzilla and King Kong can somehow overcome these size limitations, perhaps due to their exposure to radiation, they have unique mutations and characteristics. Based on its appearance on the big screen, let’s explore the observable differences that can be useful in combat. 

Kong: The Best of Apes and Humans 

At first glance, Kong is a huge primate, but he is more than a huge gorilla. One of the most conspicuous things about Kong is its upright bipedal posture and motion – it mostly walks on its two legs, which is very different from any other non-human living ape. This ability may indicate a close evolutionary relationship with the only living Homo erectus, or its upright posture may be the result of convergent evolution. 

Either way, just like us, Kong has strong, muscular legs suitable for walking and running, as well as big free arms with grasping hands that allow him to use tools. 

The upright posture of humans is unique to the animal kingdom and provides a number of biomechanical abilities that Kong can share. For example, the human torso is very flexible and is particularly good at turning. This feature, with the exception of our loose shoulder straps, makes humans the best throwers in the animal kingdom. Throwing is very useful in combat, and Kong can throw with the best of them. 

Kong is, of course, huge. It is definitely better than the largest known primate, an extinct relative of the orangutan called the great ape, which is slightly larger than the modern gorilla. 

Kong also has many gorilla characteristics, including long, muscular arms, a short muzzle with large canine teeth, and a high sagittal ridge. The bone ridge on the head can be used as an anchor for some unusually strong mandibular muscles. 

Strong, agile, comfortable on the ground, and unparalleled in the use of tools and throwing ability, Kong will be a savage force in battle.

Godzilla: An aquatic lizard 

Godzilla appears to be a huge semi-aquatic reptile. Like King Kong, Godzilla has various characteristics of different species. 

A recent Godzilla movie shows that he has good mobility on land, but despite the lack of obvious water features, he seems more comfortable in the water. Interestingly, Godzilla is pictured with gills around its neck, a feature that was known to be lost when terrestrial vertebrates started emerging from the sea back from 370 million years ago. 

Given Godzilla’s terrestrial characteristics, it is likely that his species had terrestrial reptilian ancestors and re-evolved a primarily aquatic lifestyle, a bit like turtles or sea snakes, they can actually pass them on water. The skin absorbs oxygen. Godzilla may have unique guts. 

Godzilla’s tail is the real difference between him and King Kong. It is huge, fixed, and driven by huge muscles attached to its legs, hips, and lower back. Dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus are known to stand horizontally and even use their tails for balance. It helps them to walk and run. Rather, Godzilla is standing with his tail dangling towards the ground, possibly for a different balance. This upright posture is unique to bipedal reptiles, more like a standing kangaroo. Godzilla was standing on two muscular columnar legs, similar to those of a sauropod. These will provide it with stability and help support its enormous weight, but will also increase the strength of its tail. 

In addition to the powerful tail, Godzilla also has three rows of sharp spikes on his back, thick, scaly fur, a relatively small head, full of carnivorous teeth, and free-handed grip, all of which are set on a muscular body. In general, Godzilla is a terrible and fearsome opponent.

Get ready to fight! 

Now that we’ve carefully studied the way Godzilla and King Kong are built, let’s imagine who could win the battle. Although King Kong is slightly smaller than Godzilla, the size of the two is more or less the same, and there is no obvious advantage in this regard. What about its effectiveness in combat? 

Godzilla might like its strong tail for both offense and defense, exactly how the modern large lizards use their own strong tail as a whip. Expand that power to the size of Godzilla, and that tail will turn into a deadly weapon, as it has used it before. 

However, King Kong is more comfortable on the ground, faster and more agile, can jump with his strong legs, and has stronger arms than Godzilla-King Kong may be a punch. As an ape, Kong may also use tools to some extent, and even use his throwing ability. 

No matter who wins or loses, this battle is suitable for all ages. Both sides will have a twisted bite, and Kong is likely to gain a weak advantage. However, Godzilla’s bite force is not weak, all his teeth are penetrating, similar to the teeth of crocodile and monitor lizard. 

In defense, Godzilla has the upper hand, with thick scaly skin and sharp beak. It could even behave like a porcupine, with its back facing a rapidly approaching threat. However, King Kong’s super agility on the ground should also give him some protection.

So who do you think would come out as victorious?


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