Ivana Trump, “First Wife of Donald Trump” Has Died in New York City!

Donald Trump announced on Thursday that Ivana Trump, a lifelong businesswoman and his ex-wife, had passed away at home in New York City. She was 73.

Later on Thursday, the New York Police Department declared that there “appears to be no wrongdoing” connected to Ivana Trump’s passing. A statement claims that at 12:40 p.m. ET, officers received a 911 call about an “assisted individual” and discovered a “73-year-old female who was unconscious and unresponsive.”

The New York Fire Department said that it reacted to a report of a person having a cardiac attack at the home, and the timing and location of that reaction matched the ones the NYPD linked to Trump. The guy was reportedly already dead when the fire department arrived.

Trump was declared dead at the site by EMS, according to the police, who also stated that the medical examiner will identify the cause of death.

Ivana Trump’s Family is in Mourning Following Her Death

“Ivana Trump passed yesterday at her New York City residence, and I’m very sorry to have to break the news to all of her many fans. She was an outstanding, lovely, and fantastic woman who lived a wonderful and motivating life.

Her three children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric, were her pride and delight. She was extremely proud of them, just as we all were of her. Let Ivana rest in peace.” Trump made a post.

ivana trump death cause

On Instagram, Eric Trump wrote that his mother was “a force in business, a world-class athlete, a dazzling beauty, and devoted mother and friend,” among other things.”

In a tweet, Ivanka Trump expressed her “heartbroken over the loss of (her mother),” she said, adding that her mother was intelligent, endearing, passionate, and wickedly witty. She made the most of every opportunity to laugh and dance and embraced life to the fullest. She will always be missed by me, and we will never forget her.”

A Quick Biography of Ivana Trump

Ivana Trump, who was raised in communist Czechoslovakia, collaborated with Donald Trump on some of his most notable real estate ventures.

Following his sensational affair with Marla Maples, who eventually married Donald Trump and gave birth to their daughter Tiffany, the two got divorced in 1992.

Ivana Trump was alluded to by Donald Trump as a “brilliant manager” and described as “demanding and very competitive” in his book “Trump: The Art of the Deal.” Additionally, he delegated management of Trump’s Castle in Atlantic City to her rather than engaging a third-party general manager.

“Good management abilities are as crucial as specific gaming experience when it comes to running a casino,” he wrote. She validated my assertion.

Ivana Trump received $14 million when the couple finally reached a settlement, along with other benefits like a sizable property in Greenwich, Connecticut.

ivana trump death cause

Ivanka Trump stated in her 2009 book, “The Trump Card,” “My mother is an enthusiastic woman, filled with a passion for life and adventure that made it hard for her to stay in one area for very long.”

“That is a strong similarity between my parents. Even if they appeared to be cut in different ways while they were together and have since grown apart, they do have one thing in common: they both live life to the fullest, all the time.”

After the divorce, Trump was married twice more, got divorced each time, and continued to live a jet-setting, travel-filled lifestyle.

She claimed to have declined Donald Trump’s offer to serve as ambassador to her native Czech Republic because of her “independence” and “wonderful life” on “CBS Sunday Morning” in 2017.

“Donald informed me that I had recently been offered the position of the American ambassador to the Czech Republic. Ivana, if you want it, I give it to you, he said.” During the interview, Trump stated.

“But I enjoy my independence. I enjoy going where I want to go and doing what I want to do with whomever I want to. And I can support my way of life.”

She said, “OK, why would I travel and say bye-bye to Saint-Tropez in the summer, Miami in the winter, and spring and fall in New York? I lead a wonderful life.

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