Doors of stone confirmed release date: When are we getting the book?

Doors of stone confirmed release date: When are we getting the book?

For those who have been patiently waiting for the publication of the next book in Patrick Rothfuss’ “The Kingkiller Chronicles” series, we feel your pain. As we all know, the last “The Wise man’s fear” was released in March 2011, and it has been more than 10 years since the new fantasy series. There is only three years between the release of the first book “The Name of the Wind” and the release of the second book. It is understandable for fans to wonder if “Doors of stone” will come out. 

Fortunately, we have received an update on the writing process from Rothfuss, but the bad news is that “Doors of Stone” does not seem to end anytime soon. Of course, there are rumors about when we can expect the third book to come out. There is even news that it will be released this summer. Well, we don’t want this to happen, but let’s see why people think that.

When is it going to come out?

Although we have not yet determined a release date for “Doors of Stone”, this is what the rumor mill was saying. Three years ago, a sharp-eyed Redditior shared that they found the pre-order date for the book on, which is July 2021. Soon, people started responding to the post, explaining that sometimes Amazon and other websites will use the date placeholder to be unavailable when confirming the release date. 

And now that we are here in July 2021 with no new updates from the authors or the websites we can safely assume that it was just a rumour and the website was facing some sort of issue.

Recently, the Stanford Art Review reported this year that Amazon confirmed that The Doors of Stone will debut in 2021. Since there is no evidence to support this, we assume that the site may have also been misled by the book sales company. 

About a month ago, a Redditor shared a much-needed PSA on the Kingkiller Chronicle subreddit, urging people not to pay attention to the assumed release date of Amazon, Goodreads, or any other book website, because they may be inaccurate. 

As for what Rothfuss said, he has publicly stated in his Twitch live broadcast how difficult it is to pass through the Stone Gate. In a recent article, the Quill Prize winner admitted that he is a “perfectionist” and has been revising parts of the story to make it correct. It looks like it doesn’t have an expected release date, so we probably shouldn’t do it either.

About the first two books

This story is about a character named Kvothe. One of the novels was released 9 years ago. This fantasy novel takes place in a world called Temerant. The story begins in “The Name of the Wind”, which is about a man named Kvothe. 

When he grew up, he became one of the most charming magicians in the world. This story is not just about magic. It’s also about how those who are not so powerful can gain more power and no longer be left behind. 

The second novel also tells about our characters and their desire to live for their legacy. This book follows how Kvothe wants to know why his parents died. This person seeks the meaning of life. You want to learn more about things, for example why they happen. The second book in the series has roughly the same role as the first book and begins where they left off. His goal throughout the series is to find the mystery of Amir. To make this end, he joined Seamless.


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