Winds of Winter release date: When’s the final part of ‘A song of ice and fire’ going to be released

Winds of Winter release date

The Winds in winter book may be closer than ever. For “Game of Thrones” fans who have been waiting for 10 years, this is certainly good news. This will be the sixth installment in George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. Over the years, the long-awaited sequel has been postponed countless times because Martin has been having a hard time finding his muse to write. Now it appears that the author has finally made real progress on “Winds of winter.”

We must be honest with ourselves: Game of Thrones last season was a disaster. However, fans of the series and novels are hoping to get more from this show. They want to know what happened before all this and what will happen after the Game of Thrones event. So with every new little update we get even more excited!

What’s the latest update about the book?

Martin revealed in his latest blog post that he wrote “hundreds of pages” of “winds in winter” in 2020, noting that this was one of the few good things about last year, and also described last year as “probably the worst year I’ve experienced,” Martin said that overall, 2020 is his best year since creating “Winds of Winter.” 

The author goes on to note that he still has “hundreds of pages” to write for the novel to reach what he calls “Satisfactory conclusion.” Martin had also added that he has been hoping to complete this novel, which is what 2021 would mean for him.

What does this update imply?

For fans, waiting for the winds in winter has always been difficult, but since the end of Game of Thrones, it has become even more frustrating. The final season of the HBO show was heavily ridiculed by viewers and critics, many of whom believed the adaptation failed to bring Martin’s epic story to a proper ending. Which is why fans are more eager than usual to see how Martin himself will end this story. 

With this in mind, the Martin update here is exciting. Knowing that he wrote hundreds of pages of winter wind in 2020 means that the author may be in the final stages of writing this book. If this is indeed the case and Martin manages to complete it this year, fans of Game of Thrones may look forward to the release of Winter Wind sometime in 2022. 

(For context, this means that there is an 11-year gap between the two “Winds of Winter” and its predecessor “Dancing Dragons” released in 2011. )

So when are we getting the book?

In the same blog post where he shared the Winds of winter update, Martin quickly stated that he would not provide predictions on the novel’s release date. However, Martin said he is full of “hope” for the completion of “Winds of Winter,” which may indicate that the novel’s completion is finally within his grasp. 

Of course, it all depends on whether he can continue to make the same amount of progress this year too as he did in 2020. After all, “Winds of Winter” is not the only Game of Thrones project that the author was taking part in. At the moment, the author is helping HBO’s “Game of Thrones” prequel called “Dragon House” and a few other “Game of Thrones” spinoff dramas. 

Only time will tell if Martin can continue his work on “Winter Wind” while balancing the needs of other projects.


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