Dragon Age 4: Release date, teaser and everything we know so far!

Dragon Age 4: Release date, teaser and everything we know so far!

Dragon Age 4 will finally unite the gangs again. The existence of the next Dragon Age is one of the game’s most frequently mentioned secrets, but was never fully confirmed, until it is finally going to be revealed. 

After the end of the final DLC for “Dragon Age: Inquisition”, the legend of Thedas is far from over. We expected another Dragon Age game to follow. BioWare has spent several years avoiding any official confirmation that the fourth game is in development, but now it unequivocally says that it is developing the next Dragon Age game. In addition to confirmation, due to two trailers, a behind-the-scenes video and some concept art has been launched, although we still know very little about it. 

Recently, there have been reports that Dragon Age 4 has abandoned any multiplayer elements that it had planned to focus entirely on single-player games. This may be a big deal, because we want to know how EA’s desire to serve online games will affect the single-player game series history of BioWare. 

We don’t have a detailed understanding of the gameplay of “Dragon Age 4” or even a title, but since the summer of 2020, BioWare has begun to release trailers and concept art more frequently. Although we continue to wait for a proper introduction, nothing more has been revealed about it. We have tried to speculate the history of Dragon Age 4, possible release dates, trailers, characters, etc.

Release date: What we know right now

We still don’t have a confirmed release date for Dragon Age 4. There are many things we don’t know about this game. We know this may still have a long way to go. In August 2020, then General Manager Casey Hudson described “Dragon Age 4” as “early production.” 

In July 2021, Executive Producer Christian Dailey said: “Please know that the team is in a state of upside-down, is gaining momentum, and has made great strides. We are happy to share more content in due course. 

EA also mentioned “Dragon Age” in its October 2019 earnings call. The information is brief and vague, but according to CFO Blake Jorgensen, the next Dragon Age game is “likely” in fiscal year 2022, which probably means after April 2022. Jorgenson also cautioned that they don’t usually make such predictions years in advance. 

It’s hard to say whether “FY22″ is an ambitious estimate or an extremely cautious estimate, so we just have to wait to hear more.

The teaser trailer for the game

During the 2020 Game Awards, BioWare showed a new trailer for the upcoming Dragon Age game. Sadly, we don’t know its official name yet, although the new trailer seems to confirm at least one returning character: Dwarf archer Varric Tethras, a member of Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Additionally, the trailer also confirmed that, as in Dragon Age lore, BioWare will choose a new protagonist for the next game. Oh, it’s really beautiful. The series seems to be moving away from its dirty Ferelden roots, towards one of the most magnificent and colorful magics in the world.

What’s the setting of Dragon Age 4?

Tevinter – it’s confirmed. 

Considering the not-so-subtle ending of “The Trial of Dragon Age ” final DLC, the 2019 report on the game’s development, and the collection of short stories called Tevinter Nights in 2020, we’ve been operating under this assumption for years. It’s in their huge studio history book “Bioware: 25 Years of Game Development Stories and Secrets.” 

At the end of the book, looking to the future of BioWare, a section titled “Tevinter Bound Peeking at Inquisition’s Follow-up” shows that this is definitely the main setting for the next game. “This game with executive producer Mark Darrah at the helm will bring players to Tevinter because the Inquisition and trespassing incidents threaten to change Thedas forever.” Darrah has left BioWare and is replaced by Christian Dailey, but the rest may be current information. 

Tevinter has not appeared correctly in the Dragon Age game, although the country where wizards are run is often mentioned and we have several members of the Northern Group. The glimpse of Minrathous, the capital of Tevinter that we saw in the 2020 Game Awards trailer, has an almost cyberpunk feel, with a colorful city floating central part at night. 

Like the Inquisition, Dragon Age 4 is not only set in Tevinter, but also visited other countries. The BioWare Studio’s history book includes some of the same concept art we saw in the summer 2020 behind-the-scenes video. A small selection of art works selected for this page includes Nevala’s cemetery and Antivan Crow’s Killer, which shows that we can visit these two places as part of history. Oh, there is a deep road. If there is no secret visit, we may not escape the Dragon Age game.

What will the story of Dragon Age 4 be like?

In the Gamescom trailer, lead writer Patrick Weekes describes how the story of “Dragon Age 4” will be different from the Inquisition. “For the game that we are making now, we want to tell a story, ‘what happens when you have no power?’ What happens when the person in charge is unwilling to solve the problem?”, Weekes said. 

Judging by its voice, Bioware’s goal is to make history and its characters less important to the world than the Inquisition (at least initially). Dragon Age games generally follow a seemingly insignificant hero to rise to a position of power, although it appears that Dragon Age 4 will follow a character who has never intruded on Saidas’ traditional power structure.


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