Kim Pegula Death Rumours: What Happened to Kim Pegula?

A couple of weeks ago, it was said that Kim Pegula, a co-owner of the Buffalo Bills, was getting help for her health problems. Now, some rumours on Twitter have made people think she died of a heart attack.

These rumours are not true at all, because she has been getting better. This is not the first time that people have used social media to spread rumours and rumours of their own.

Kim Pegula Death Rumours

A few days ago, it was said that rapper Lil Tjay, who had been shot and was in the hospital getting care, had died. There were also rumours that he was paralysed. But neither of these rumours was true.

Rumors Stating Kim Pegula Has Died Surface

People are spreading rumours about Pegula’s death on social media, with some saying he died of a heart attack. No one knows how it all began. But all of the tweets say that the information came from a “source” or “insider” who knows about her health problems.


When people ask about these tweets to find out who these “sources” are and what they know, some people refuse to answer and others don’t care.

Since there has been no official confirmation yet, it’s safe to say that these are just hurtful rumours that people are spreading on social media.

What We Know About Her Health

In a statement to NBC, Pegula’s family said she was doing well and was on the road to recovery. The statement said, “Kim is making good progress and is resting and getting better from a health problem.

Kim Pegula Death Rumours

“We are thankful to the doctors and nurses who are taking care of her and to everyone who has prayed for her and wished her well. We ask that you keep giving us the privacy we need during this time.”

Kim Pegula’s Net Worth Explored

Kim has been known for a long time in this business. Celebrity Net Worth says that her net worth is about $100 million. She owns the Buffalo Bills NFL team with her husband, Terry Pegula, who is worth an estimated $4.6 billion.

Sean Mcdermott and Josh Allen Prayed for and Wished Kim Pegula Well

Michael McCann of Sports Illustrated says that Ralph Wilson, who bought the Bills for $25,000 in 1959 and lived to be 95, died in 2014. At that time, Terry and Kim Pegula, who got married in 1993, bought the team.

When the news first came out that Mrs Pegula was sick, Bills head coach Sean McDermott got emotional during his press conference.

According to Bills Wire, McDermott said, “I think they’re the best owners in the NFL.” “I’m probably biassed, but that’s how I feel in my heart. If you look at what they’ve done for Western New York, I think you’ll agree with me.”

“What they’ve done for this group and for the many groups and businesses they own around here,” McDermott said. “Finally, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to repay them for what they’ve done for me and my family. We love them, then. We want to be there for him more than anything else right now.”

Josh Allen, the quarterback for the Bills, also sent a message to the owners. “We’re all praying for them, and we appreciate everyone in the community praying for them, too,” Allen told ESPN on June 14.

“She has done a lot for our group, and we all love her a lot. Again, we’re praying as a team, and we’d like to ask you to do the same for us if you could.”

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