Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson: Where Did They Shoot the Man From Toronto?

In 2017, Kevin Hart and Netflix agreed to a first-look partnership. The Man From Toronto follows his previous crime fiction effort, True Story. The action-comedy premiered on the streaming service on June 24 and also starred Woody Harrelson.

The reviews for The Man From Toronto have been mixed since the film’s debut. But then, what does this movie actually deal with? Was it actually shot in Toronto? For more information, please keep reading.

Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson

What Is the Story of “the Man From Toronto”?

Kevin plays the role of Teddy Jackson, a down-and-out salesman who gets caught in the middle of a bad situation, in the film The Man From Toronto.

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After Teddy (Chris Pine) and his wife Lori (Jasmine Matthews) had planned a romantic anniversary getaway, Teddy accidentally stumbled upon a crime in progress, ruining their getaway. In order to protect himself, Teddy assumes the identity of a notorious killer.

The involvement of Randy (Woody Harrelson), the genuine Man from Toronto, only serves to further complicate matters. To stop an attempt on the life of the President of Venezuela, the two must work with the FBI.

Where Did They Shoot ‘the Man From Toronto’?

It’s no surprise that the Canadian province of Ontario, of which Toronto is the capital, was chosen as the setting for the film The Man From Toronto. But that wasn’t always the plan.

The production team and actors were supposed to meet in Atlanta, Georgia, to begin shooting. Nonetheless, it seems that most of the movie had to be shot in the Greater Toronto Area to comply with COVID-19 regulations.

downtown Toronto’s King Edward Hotel, the underpass of the Gardiner Expressway, and the CBC Atrium are among the locations used for filming. Locations familiar to locals can be seen in the film as well, including the Sunnyside Pavilion, Le Sélect Bistro, and the Enercare Centre Atrium.

Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson Plays the Man From Toronto, and Kevin Hart Plays Teddy

Some of the scenes were also filmed in North York, Brampton, and Mount Hope, as well as at the Ivy Arms Restaurant and Bar in Milton. In reality, the Kingsway Boxing Club in Etobicoke doubled as Marty’s Gym for the film’s main fight scene.

Rob Hardy, who shot Annihilation starring Natalie Portman in 2018, oversaw the cinematography for this film.

When Was the Movie “the Man From Toronto” Made?

In spite of Kevin Hart’s True Story having been seen by the public months before The Man From Toronto was shot, the latter movie was the first to hit theatres.

In April of 2020, as the pandemic was starting to spread, the cast and crew got to work. That put production on hold, but they resumed shooting in August of the same year.

Additionally, the film’s release date was delayed multiple times. The first episode of The Man From Toronto was supposed to air in September 2021. The film was originally set to premiere in January of 2022 on Netflix, but after Sony sold distribution rights to Netflix in April, the premiere date was pushed back again.

Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson

In the new Netflix(Twitter) comedy The Man From Toronto, starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson, locals may have felt a twinge of discomfort at the actors’ frequent mispronunciation of the city’s name.

They said they were sorry and didn’t mean any harm when they mispronounced Toronto as “Toe-RON-toe” in an interview with the Ottawa Sun, despite the fact that natives of the city know that it should be pronounced “Tur-AH-no” or “ChurAHNoah.”

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Keep in mind that I’m not originally from the Big Smoke. “If you’re from Toronto, you know how it’s supposed to be said,” Hart said in a video call with the newspaper.

He went on, explaining, “It’s the name of Woody’s hitman character, and everyone who’s referring to him isn’t from Toronto. His reputation as a killer has grown over the course of his career, and he is now known around the world.

Everyone, including the Man from Miami and the Man from Wichita, was saying it that way, so you had to figure that was that. People from all over the world pronounce it “Toe-RON-toe.”

Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson

Drake’s Top Toronto References

If Idris Elba can fake an American accent convincingly for years, then surely the name of a city can’t be that difficult to say, right? However, the actors wanted to express their regret to Torontonians for mispronouncing the name. As an actor, director, and fan of yoga in Queen’s Park, Harrelson said he felt at home in the city.

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