Elvis Presley Release Date: How Long Is the New Elvis Movie 2022?

The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, has become the latest subject of a Hollywood biopic.

Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS will examine the spectacular rise to the popularity of Elvis Aaron Presley, born in Mississippi, from the late 1950s through the mid-1970s, along with his defiant performing style and African-American-inspired sound, much like Rocketman chronicled the life of Elton John and Bohemian Rhapsody was all about Freddie Mercury.

Early excitement for Austin Butler’s portrayal of Elvis Presley in ELVIS has been strong since the film’s teaser debuted in advance of the Cannes Film Festival.

Elvis Presley

What Actors Appear in the Elvis?

In ELVIS, the stars align, with Austin Butler and Tom Hanks at the forefront.

Former child actor and star of such diverse shows as Switched at Birth and Wizards of Waverly Place, Butler, plays the King in this adaptation. Claydon Jay plays the youthful Elvis Presley in this production.

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Chase on Arrow, Wil on The Shannara Chronicles, and Tex Watson on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood are just a few of Butler’s notable adult roles.

Helen Thomson and Richard Roxburgh play Elvis’s parents, Gladys and Vernon Presley, while Oscar winner Tom Hanks plays Elvis’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, in ELVIS.

  • Olivia DeJonge(Instagram), star of The Staircase and The Society, portrays Priscilla Presley, Elvis’s wife.
  • Performers who share the stage with Elvis Presley:
  • Starring Luke Bracey as Jerry Schilling
  • Playing the role of Dixie Locke is Natasha Bassett.
  • Performer Patrick Shearer as Dewey Phillips
  • Hank Snow, played by David Wenham
  • Taking on the role of Jimmie Rodgers Snow is Kodi Smit-McPhee.
  • Characterization of Sam Phillips by Josh McConville.
  • In the role of Marion Keisker, played by Kate Mulvany
  • For this role, Kelvin Harrison Jr. channels B.B. King.
  • With Xavier Samuel in the role of Scotty Moore
  • Recasting Adam Dunn as Bill Black
  • Sister Rosetta Tharpe, portrayed by Yola Quartey.
  • Actor Alton Mason as Little Richard
  • Substitute: Gary Clark Jr. as Arthur Crudup
  • Big Mama Thornton, played by Shonka Dukureh as Willie Mae
  • This is Anthony LaPaglia, posing as Bernard Lansky.
  • Steve Binder, played by Dacre Montgomery

Elvis Presley

What Exactly Is Going on Here?

This is not a conventional biopic, as Baz Luhrmann has made abundantly apparent. Instead, it examines cultural aspects of American life via the lens of the Elvis story.

Luhrmann said, “I’m not about lionizing Elvis” in an interview with Deadline (opens in new tab). In my mind, he was the blank slate against which I could most effectively study postwar America (the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s).

We watch young Elvis identifying with the sounds and beats of Black Gospel music and the Blues performers who frequent the dives on the poor side of Memphis, Tennessee.

His meteoric ascent to prominence in the 1950s is chronicled, as is the public’s infatuation with his “suggestive” dance techniques (hip thrusts aplenty), charisma onstage, natural sex appeal, and angelic singing voice.

The film covers Elvis’s entire life, from his time in the military through his marriage to Priscilla Presley (then known as Priscilla Beaulieu) and his years as a leather-jacketed Hollywood idol up until his famous comeback concert in 1968.

The event marked the beginning of Elvis’ rhinestone jumpsuit era, which included massive stadium tours across the United States (since Colonel Tom wouldn’t let him leave the country for work) and a lengthy Las Vegas residency. Lurhmann covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

What Does Elvis Mean?

Twenty years of Presley’s life will supposedly be covered in the film. Luhrmann was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail, “I mean, it’s a fantastic life that he lived…. 42 years is three magnificent lives crammed into a short amount of time.”

The teaser hints that the film would also delve into Presley’s relationship with Parker, the man who helped him sign with RCA and who had a profound impact on his life as a celebrity.

Elvis Presley

When Is the Elvis Movie Coming Out?

On June 24th, 2022, Elvis will be released in theatres around the world. It will be accessible to stream for HBO Max subscribers 45 days after its theatrical premiere, but like like Top Gun: Maverick, this is a film that should be seen in a theatre.

In May, at the Cannes Film Festival, the world was introduced to the new Elvis film. Three of Luhrmann’s films have premiered at the Cannes Film Festival: Strictly Ballroom (1992), Moulin Rouge! (2001), and The Great Gatsby (2013). (2013).

Gracelands in Memphis, Tennessee was the last stop on the film’s whirlwind tour of premieres, which began in the United Kingdom and included stops in Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Elvis Presley

Does Elvis Have a Teaser?

Specifically, in February of 2022, Warner Bros. released a teaser trailer for the biography. It all starts with Parker saying, “There are some who’d make me out to be the villain of this here story,” which is followed by a slick trailer for the film.

A flashback to a young Elvis follows, with the voiceover asking, “Are you born with a destiny, or does it just come knocking at your door?” As the scene shifts, Butler’s Elvis seems to take control of his destiny, going from nervously shaky hands to shaking it on stage with his characteristic dance steps and dazzling the crowd.

Hanks says, “I saw that scrawny boy turn into a superhero right before my eyes.” In the trailer, we also see Elvis as a young man adjusting to life as a celebrity in the wake of the murders of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Length of the Elvis Film?

The duration of Elvis is a monstrous 2 hours, 39 minutes. Yet more evidence that, sadly, films are indeed running longer and longer… When it comes to movie lengths, we’re of the firm belief that less is more.

Is That Really Austin Butler Performing as Elvis?

Similar to the King, Butler possesses three distinct talents. In addition to playing the role of the legendary artist (and even mimicking his characteristic hip-swinging dance routines), Butler also provides vocals for a number of his earliest recordings.

However, his voice is combined with that of Elvis Presley in later recordings. Luhrmann reportedly said during a press conference, “We came out with an uncommon language, a melodic language for the film.” After the ’60s, “Austin would sing all the young Elvis, but we’d blend it with the actual Elvis,” the author explains.

Can You Tell Me When Elvis Will Be in the Theatres?

When it eventually arrives in theatres on June 24, 2022, it will have been years since Elvis Presley’s work received such royal treatment.

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