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What Did Naomie Olindo Say About Her Breakup With Metul Shah?

Southern Charm

Naomie Olindo, a former cast member on Southern Charm, has confirmed that she and her boyfriend of three years, Metul Shah, have broken up. The couple’s breakup was announced just weeks after they relocated to New York. The ex-Bravo star has finally spoken out about the “betrayal” she felt after the split on social media.

What Did Naomie Olindo Say About Her Breakup With Metul Shah?

Bravo viewers will recognize Olindo from her appearances on Southern Charm. The third season of the show saw the introduction of the ex-reality star, who was then dating series regular Craig Conover.

Conover and Olindo broke up, and Olindo brought her new boyfriend to the show. Although Shah was rarely seen on the show, his friendship with Olindo was rock solid. As of season 6, the couple would no longer be making appearances on the show.

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The former star of Southern Charm took to Instagram to discuss the news of Olindo and Shah’s breakup. She said she was inundated with messages from people going through the same thing on social media according to screenrant.

In an Instagram Stories screenshot published by Queens of Bravo(Instagram), Olindo said, “Nothing will be worse than losing my dad, but this is a close second.” It’s never easy to discover that you’ve been betrayed, and I’m truly sorry if this has happened to you.

Tomorrow I know I’ll regret writing this, but many of you have already reached out to say you relate. Really, truly, sincerely, I apologize.

Many of Olindo’s fans believe that Shah cheated on her, despite the fact that this has never been confirmed by either party.

Naomie Olindo Quit the Show “Southern Charm”

Olindo, who had previously appeared only in episodes as a guest star, joined the regular cast of Southern Charm in Season 6. Her toxic relationship with Conover ended, and she finally felt at peace with Shah.

Due to conflicts with fellow cast member Kathryn Dennis(Twitter), Olindo ultimately decided to leave the show after season 6. Cameran Eubanks’s husband was allegedly having an affair, and it was all thanks to the second. Olindo and Chelsea Meissner(Instagram) bailed on the show to show their support for Eubanks.

“To everyone who wants to know why Cameron, Chelsea, and I quit the show (and anyone else who has a life they want to protect), it’s like this,” Olindo said on her Instagram Stories, according to The Post and Courier. This is just the latest in a long line of things for which Kathryn Dennis deserves to be called out for her shame.

Eubanks later clarified that she had informed Bravo of her decision to leave the show months before the rumor about Dennis’ involvement began circulating. Eubanks also stated that she had no desire to watch any more reality shows after her time on Southern Charm.

So much has shifted in reality television. When asked about the recent years, Eubanks told Us Weekly, “I think especially in the last few years, it’s gotten a lot more toxic.” I think there are fewer and fewer things that can truly shock us as a society. As a result, increasing quantities are required to maintain airtime and relevance.

Naomie Olindo Has Some Ideas

It’s an understatement to say that Naomie Olindo and Craig Connover have history; the tension between the exes from Southern Charm is palpable this season. Everyone in the room cringes at the same time as they watch Naomie and Craig exchange terse greetings and half-hearted hugs whenever they run into each other.

And so, suffice it to say, we’re down with it. Simply put, it’s easy to relate to. Who among us hasn’t been in a situation like that with an ex? It’s not just you; there’s no one else.

And that’s why we needed to hear Naomie’s opinion on Craig’s pillows so badly. Thankfully, our girl saved the day and gave us the scoop on her ex’s new Sewing Down South products. Truly, I’ve seen some of the pillows and they’re nice. Well, look at that! A compliment from Naomie to Craig just came in!

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She continued, “I really have no idea because I’m not a part of his daily life anymore — it used to suck,” implying that she was no longer actively involved in his life.

Could a compliment contain a slight jab at the same time? What Craig and Naomie decide is up to them. Do you want to know what the rest of the cast thinks about Craig’s pillow situation? To learn more about Southern Charm, watch the promo video up top, and don’t miss new episodes on Wednesdays at 9/8c.

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