When Does Apex Season 9 End: What Time Does Season 10 Start?

There are still 60 days left in Apex Legends Season 9. This means that players still have a lot of time to finish their Battle Passes and move up in Ranked play. So, once a new season starts, there is always a countdown until the next one starts, and the cycle begins again.

When Does Season 9: Legacy End?

We think that Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy will end on August 3, 2021. This means that Season 10 of Apex Legends should start on or around that date.

When Does Apex Season 9 End

There are a lot of things that could happen between now and then that could change that date, but if everything goes well, players can expect this season to end and the next one to begin in early August.


When Does Apex Legends Season 9 End, Season 10 Start

At this point, season 10 of Apex Legends is almost here. From previous seasons, fans already know that there will be a new character, a new Battle Pass, and changes to the maps, but other details are still unknown.

For example, Apex Legends Season 9 added the Bocek Bow, so it’s unlikely that the new season will add a weapon, but it’s not impossible. Fans also know that Ranked Arenas will be a new mode, but a lot is still uncertain.

When Does Apex Season 9 End

Teasers for Apex Legends season 10 are likely to start any day now, and thanks to data mines and other methods, we already know a lot about the character Seer in season 10. They seem to be some kind of Moth-based character who uses deception and has a drone.

Still, fans should take everything out there with a grain of salt until Respawn confirms new details. Fans will find out more in the coming weeks, but they already know when the new season will start.

When and What Time Does Season 10 of Apex Legends Start?

With this in mind, the most likely date for the start of Apex Legends season 10 is August 3. Season 9 should end, and then Season 10 should begin. On that day, the seasonal update will probably happen around 10 am PT/12 pm CT.

These are usually pretty big changes, but once they’re done, season 10 will be in full swing. There is a small chance that the start time will be delayed, but in the history of Apex Legends, this has happened very rarely.

A lot of Apex Legends players are hoping that Respawn can do more than just launch season 10 and add new things to it. They also want the current Revtane meta to change and the cheaters to stop.

When Does Apex Season 9 End

Many are upset when they get rolled by a Revtane team, which uses Revenant’s totem and Octane’s jump pad to quickly hit the other team with two rushes. However, cheaters and hackers are probably a bigger problem in Apex Legends.

What Can Players Look Forward to in Season 10?

New Legend: Pariah

There are rumours of a new Recon Legend character named Pariah, who would have the following skills:

  • Aplomb Training makes it so that Pariah can see the health bars of enemies. Pariah is also safe from effects that stun and SDM steam.
  • Sonar Grenade is a tactical skill that lets you throw a grenade that shows enemies in its area of effect. The grenade goes off after 15 seconds.
  • Ultimate: Sacrificial Romantic – Pariah turns on an SDM device that sends steam in all directions, but he can’t move. Burns do direct damage to health from steam.

When Does Apex Season 9 End

Balance Changes

Balance changes come with every major update, and we know that Revenant and Rampart are going to get better. When Season 10 comes out, you can expect more changes to characters, weapons, and drop rates.


Map Changes

Every new Season in Apex Legends brings changes to one or more maps. The most recent change was that a parasitic plant took over Olympus.

Will this infection spread, or will it go away and change Olympus in a way that can’t be fixed? Will World’s End or King’s Canyon change? When Season 10 comes around, fans will know.

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