When Does Cold War Season 4 End: Will There Be a New Season?

Fans are happy that the new seasons of Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War are finally here. The new content drop includes a new LMG, mysterious red doors all over Verdansk, and a new Zombies map. Still, all the fun has to end at some point. Here is the last day of Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

Blacks Ops Cold War Season 4 Release Date

The release date is always right after the end of the last season. Around June 15, the Season 3 Battle Pass will expire, so Season 4 will start on either June 16 or June 17.

When Does Cold War Season 4 End

Fresh Maps

When it comes to the new maps in the game, Treyarch is keeping its cards close to its chest. There have been rumours, though, about what maps might be added to the game. One idea is the map Hijacked, which was a fan favourite on Black Ops 2.


New Tools

Again, we don’t know what weapons will be added to the game yet, but we do know that there will be some, as there is every time a new season starts. Some of the weapons that were added in Season 3 have done very well, like the PPSH-41.

Season 4 Recap of Warzone and Cold War

Many fans will probably be looking forward to Season 5, but it doesn’t hurt to think back on Season 4 before it ends for good. The current season started on June 17 with new content for Warzone, Cold War Multiplayer, and Cold War Zombies.

When Does Cold War Season 4 End

The brand-new Dirt Bike vehicle was one of the most important things added to Warzone in Season 4. The new bike is now the game’s fastest vehicle, and it’s one of the best ways to get away from that storm. As well as a lot of changes to weapons, Warzone fans got to see Gulag get a makeover when Hijacked came out for Season 4.

When Season 5 comes out, fans can also expect a new layout for Gulag. There was also a new system called “Red Doors.” If you were lucky enough to find one of these mysterious doors, you could get high-level items.

Cold War’s Multiplayer mode got a lot of new maps, including some old favourites like Rush and Hijacked. In Cold War, the classic game mode “One in the Chamber” made its first appearance, making fans very happy.

When Does Cold War Season 4 End

Zombie players also got a new Outbreak region, main quest, and even a whole new map. The Zombie experience isn’t over yet, though. On August 12, Season 5 will start, and the story will continue.

When Does Cold War Season 4 End?

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone ends on August 10. This day is also the end of Black Ops Cold War Season 4. Most Warzone seasons last between six weeks and two months. The last season’s Battle Pass began on April 22 and ended on June 15, which is a 54-day span.


Using this as a guide, Season 4 of Warzone should end around August 10. Each new piece of content usually comes at the same time as a big change to the game’s meta, such as balancing weapons or making changes to how the game works.

When Does Cold War Season 4 End

Once we know when the next one is coming, we’ll have a better idea of when Season 5 of Warzone will come out. Once Season 4 starts to wind down, there’s no doubt that Activision will give a firm date.

Black Ops Cold War is getting new content this season for multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone. Five new maps are coming, one of which is a remake of the popular Black Ops 2 map Hijacked. Mauer Der Toten, a new Zombies map, and new playable characters for the horror-themed mode are coming out.

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