Loona Chuu Is Said to Be Leaving Blockberry Creative!

It has been reported that LOONA’s Chuu is planning to part ways with her long-time agency, Block berry Creative.

A report by South Korean news outlet E-Daily claims that Chuu is in negotiations to sign an exclusive contract with BY4M Studio and will soon be leaving her current management agency.

The BY4M Studio team has built a solid reputation as a cutting-edge digital marketing and social media firm. If the rumor about the signing of Chuu to the company is true, that would mean a big step into the K-pop idol and entertainment market for the company.

Whether or not Chuu will remain with the K-pop girl group LOONA is also up in the air, according to E-report. Daily’s Neither Chuu nor Block berry Creative have commented on the news as of this writing.

South Korean news outlet Wikitree published an exclusive report in March 2022 claiming that Chuu had sued her management company in an attempt to get out of her contract with Block berry Creative, months before she was rumored to have departed from the company.

The upcoming ‘LOONATHEWORLD’ world tour will not include Chuu, as was announced by Block berry Creative earlier this month. The agency announced the singer’s inability to participate due to “scheduled activities” on the group’s official fan café site.

Despite these setbacks, Chuu was included in LOONA’s highly anticipated comeback mini-album, Flip That. An ethereal music video for the album’s title track accompanied the drop.

The comeback trailer for the group also featured the opening track, “The Journey,” from the ‘Flip That’ mini-album. In addition, the project includes “POSE,” a song that premiered last month for the Queendom 2 finale.

Loona Blockberry Creative

Block Berry Creative

It was established in 2016 as a record label called Block berry Creative in South Korea. They are a division of Polaris Entertainment. Loona, a female group, and Sunye, a solo artist, are both signed to the label.


The 22nd of March, 2016 marked the official launch of Block berry Creative as a sublabel of Polaris Entertainment.

Loona, Block berry Creative’s first girl group project, debuted on October 2, 2016, with a planned run time of 18 months. Each member of the new group would be introduced via a standalone single released as part of the project; by March 2018, all members had been introduced.

Go Yu-jin, of Block berry Creative, competed in the first half of the 2018 season of the reality show Produce 48. She placed 31st overall and was eliminated in round two. Go Yu-jin has left Block berry Creative and ended her trainee contract.

Block berry Creative was well-represented in the second half of 2021 by Choi Young, Joung Min, and Ryu Sion on the reality survival show Girls Planet 999. Both Joung Min and Ryu Sion were eliminated in the preliminary round. In the second round of cuts, Choi Young was eliminated.

Sunye and Block berry Creative agreed to terms in February of 2022. Boy of the Month, Block berry’s first venture into the realm of boy bands, was announced on March 16th, 2022.

Loona Blockberry Creative

Who Is the Ceo of Block Berry?

The current BlockBerry Creative CEO is Kim Sun-Hye(Instagram). Officially opening its doors on March 22, 2016, the agency has been in operation since. It is owned by Polaris Entertainment and currently serves as the parent company for LOONA.

Why Is Block Berry Creative So Far in Debt?

Several insiders claim that Block Berry Creative has not paid the salaries and fees owed to a wide variety of contractors and independent contractors it hired to work on projects for LOONA.

Loona Blockberry Creative

How Big Is Block Berry Creative’s Staff?

LOONA’s fans were taken aback when they learned that there were only 15 people working at her company, Block Berry Creative (BBC).

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