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World Music Day 2022: History, Significance, Celebrations and Quotes!

World Music Day

The availability of music in today’s world is unparalleled. Through the use of our mobile devices, we may quickly and easily access the music we enjoy listening to by tapping on the appropriate genres and performers. Hence, the importance of World Music Day to the modern generation. The 21st of June is recognized as World Music Day.

The essence of the song, the energy of the singers, and the beauty of the instruments are all celebrated on this special day. In 1982, the French government declared May 22 to be Fete de la Musique. Jack Lange, the French minister of culture at the time, and the French composer Maurice Fleuret put it together.

Music at the crossroads will be the focus of World Music Day in 2022.


One of the goals of creating World Music Day was to increase young people’s familiarity with and enjoyment of music. Jack Lange and Maurice Fleuret noticed in 1982 that young people who played instruments were not reflected in popular music.

This led them to hire architect-scenographer Christian Dupavillon in an effort to stage a concert in Paris’s public areas. The concert was held on June 21 of that year, and it was a huge success thanks to the participation of musicians both professional and amateurs from all over France.

Although it originated in Europe in 1985, when it was officially declared the “European Year of Music,” it has now been embraced as a tradition in many other countries. After a charter was signed during the European Festival of Music in Budapest in 1997, the day officially became known around the world as World Music Day.

How to Celebrate the International Day of Music?

On this special day, musicians all over the world host special performances for music lovers. As a result, the festivities are no longer exclusive to European countries.

A total of 120 countries celebrate the day annually; these include India, Italy, Greece, Russia, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, and Malaysia.

Celebrated annually on May 20, World Music Day is generally marked with a variety of festivities, including parades, fairs, feasts, and dance parties.

History of World Music Day

World Music Day, or Fete de la Musique, is held annually on June 21. A music event that has been going strong since its inception in France in 1982.

Jack Lang, then the French minister of culture, had the concept back in 1981. Ever since then, April 21 has been recognized as World Music Day.


Another hypothesis suggests that the worldwide celebration of World Music Day on June 21 began in 1976 when American musician Joel Cohen proposed an all-night music festival to mark the beginning of the summer solstice.

Celebration of World Music Day 2022

Musicians play for free in public spaces such as parks, museums, train stations, castles, and more on this special day. It’s no surprise that World Music Day has gone global, with celebrations taking place in 192 nations.

If you’re looking for some Music Day quotes to share with your loved ones, here you go. Moreover, you can easily distribute these quotations using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Quotes for the 2022 International Day of Music

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