Professional Wrestling WWE Referee Tim White an Handler of André the Giant Passed Away!

Former World Wrestling Entertainment referee Tim White, 68, has passed away. White was also the handler of André the Giant. The news of White’s death was announced on WWE’s website on Sunday (June 19). WWE expressed its “deep sadness” over the loss of longtime referee Tim White in a statement.

On Sunday, Wrestling Entertainment announced the death of Timothy Rhys White, better known by his ring name, Tim White, 68. White was a producer for SmackDown! brand (June 19). Tim’s death is tragically close on the heels of that of fellow official Dave Hebner, whose passing was only days ago. Proceed to the next section to find out the details of his tragic passing.

Tim White

The Referee’s Career of More Than Two Decades

On Sunday (June 19), Tim White, 68, a longtime WWE referee and Andre the Giant’s aide, passed suddenly. As reported by Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp: “Unfortunately have discovered that longtime WWE referee Tim White has passed away, via the organization.” WWE announced White’s death. Regards to his loved ones and coworkers.

White joined WWE in 1985 and became a referee full-time after Andre’s death in 1993. Multiple shoulder injuries White sustained ended his officiating career in 2004 although he continued with the firm until 2009. White’s death was announced just days after that of fellow WWE official Dave Hebner.

As a result of Triple H and Chris Jericho’s Hell in a Cell encounter on Judgement Day 2022, Tim White suffered a devastating shoulder injury. Even though he had previously injured his shoulder, he returned to referee a match between Chris and Christian in 2004. His time as a referee came to an end as a result of this.

During the historic Hell in a Cell bout between Mankind and The Undertaker in 1998, White officiated. Mankind crashed hard in the ring after falling through the top of the jail during the match.

There was a moment when the contest was about to end out of concern for Mick Foley’s health, but he pleaded for more time. As far as wrestling matches go, this is up there with the greatest of all time.

Pro Wrestling World Honors

The pro wrestling community is in shock over Tim’s untimely passing. A man whose influence was far-reaching in the field died unexpectedly yesterday. After the news of his death came, WWE issued a statement, although they did not elaborate on the cause of death. Professional Wrestling Enterprises said in a statement,

When word came that longtime referee Tim White had passed away, WWE was shocked and devastated. Tim White served the WWE as an official and referee for over twenty years. In 1985, White began his legendary career as an assistant to Andre the Giant and a referee.

There are few matches in WWE history more legendary than the Hell in a Cell Match between Undertaker and Mankind at King of the Ring 1998, and he officiated it.

Tim White

WWE Extends Its Condolences to White’s Family, Friends, and Fans”

There was a flood of wrestlers coming out to pay tribute to Tim White, the iconic referee, and to tell stories about their experiences working with him. BIG E once penned, “Every time I saw this man, I lighted up!” Over the past few years, Tim White has frequently been the one in charge of ushering us at conferences and public engagements.

Every time I interacted with him, he was nothing but nice and friendly. Friend, you will be sorely missed. I am deeply sorry for your loss and offer my sympathies to his loved ones.

WWE legend Shawn Michaels expressed his sadness over the passing of WWE legends Dave Hebner and Tim White in a tweet. Incredibly great guys who I got to know both in and out of the ring. I’m praying for them and their loved ones.

When Rick Flair heard the tragic news about the two referees, he took to Twitter to share his condolences and talk about the special bond they shared. I’m sorry to hear about the passing of my friends Dave Hebner and Tim White, he tweeted.

Tim White

Having known both of these remarkable men has been a privilege. God Bless You and May You Finally Rest In Peace Man, we lost a terrific person,” Shelton Benjamin said. With Tim, I always felt like part of the family. My deepest sympathies to the White family. May Tim White rest in peace.

In a recent message, Wade Barrett expressed his sadness over the passing of Tim White. It was a pleasure to spend time with him because he was a true gentleman and hilarious company. I always had a good time when he escorted me to WWE performances.

Tim, I’m toasting you and your loved ones tonight and thinking of you and your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with those left behind. Tim, I pray that you find peace in the end.

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