Charlie Sheen Supports His Daughter Sami’s Decision to Join OnlyFans!

The actor had a change of heart after hearing his ex-wife Denise Richards defend his daughter Sami Sheen’s decision to join OnlyFans, just days after he publicly disapproved of the decision. The ‘Two and a Half Men’ star had said before that he didn’t agree with it and that he wanted it to be “classy, creative, and not at the expense of her integrity.”

In his most recent statement to Us Weekly, the 56-year-old actor said that his ex-wife Denise Richards had shown him things that he had missed or ignored before. This comes after Denise Richards, the mother of the daughter in question, intimated the day before that she would possibly join the adult material website.

 Two and a Half Men

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The Star of Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen finally got it. The star of Two and a Half Men has expressed his agreement with his ex-wife, Denise Richards, hours after she declared that no one should blame their daughter, Sami, for joining OnlyFans.

Sheen added in a statement given to ET by his spokesman Jeff Ballard that the Wild Things star “has revealed a variety of key points, that in mine. hurry, I neglected and dismissed.” “Now, more than ever, Sami needs to be able to count on a united front from her parents as she starts this new adventure,” the actor said. From this point on, she will have a lot of it.”

Charlie Sheen Changes His Tune

Sheen changed his mind just a few hours after Richards went on Instagram and said she still wanted their 18-year-old daughter to join the paid adult social media site according to usmagazine.

Richards called out Sheen and everyone else who said bad things about Sami’s choice to join OnlyFans.

“Lots of bad things said about me on social media this past week,” Richards wrote at the start of her post. “I wish I had as much confidence as my 18-year-old daughter does. I did “Wild Things” and Playboy,” and honestly, neither should her father. And to be able to ignore the bad things when she was so young? It took me a long time, and I still have trouble sometimes.”

 Two and a Half Men

She went on to say, “I’m amazed by her ability to shut out the noise. Why? Because it has the potential to completely ruin your life. It was only in the past few months that I was introduced to @onlyfans. Because women and men who work in the adult film industry are there, the judge. I’m sure they are also on Instagram and Twitter.”

Sheen showed his displeasure and seemed to blame Richards for Sami’s decision. Richards had already said that she supported Sami, and Sami had recently told her about her career goals. Previously, in a statement published to ET, Ballard said that the actor does not “condone this” and that “this did not occur on my roof.”

Richards replied that her daughter has the right to make her own decisions and be independent. She told ET, “Sami is 18 years old, and this decision wasn’t based on where she lives.”

Richards went on to say, “All I can do as a parent is guide her and trust her judgments, but she makes her own choices.”

Now, both of Sami’s parents will be there to help her.

Charlie Sheen Blames Ex-wife Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen is mad at his ex-wife Denise Richards because their older daughter Sam “Sami” Sheen joined OnlyFans.

The 56-year-old actor from “Two and a Half Men” tells Page Six, “She is now 18 and lives with her mother. This did not happen in my house.”

 Two and a Half Men

He also says, “I don’t agree with this, but since I can’t stop it, I told her to stay classy, be creative, and not give up her integrity.”

Sami turned 18 in March. On Monday, she posted a sultry photo of herself in a swimsuit on Instagram and wrote, “Click the link in my bio if you want to see more.”

The teenager’s bio on the paid-for social media site, where nude or semi-nude images are frequently posted, says, “hello subscribe to access exclusive material.”

Sami also said she would “upload new content twice or three times a week” and suggested that her subscribers talk to her privately.

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