Netease Connect 2022 Official Trailer for Harry Potter and the Activation of Magic!

The official Wizarding World Twitter account hinted at a new, magical addition to the Wizarding World fan experiences available in the Muggle world earlier today.

This tweet claims that “wizards of all ages” will have fun with Harry Potter: Magic at Play. It promises “hands-on magical moments” for the audience to participate in. However, what might this imply?

According to the official Harry Potter: Magic at Play website, the project is a partnership between Warner Bros. and Superfly X, whose mission is to “transform the way fans interact with their favorite entertainment properties.”

Harry Potter Magic

Friends Experience and Office Experience

Popular attractions include Friends Experience and Office Experience, where visitors can dress up as their favorite characters from those shows and interact with authentic props, sets, and costumes.

The title’s emphasis on “at play” rather than “experience,” as with Superfly X’s other properties, suggests that it may be designed with families in mind, featuring activities that are both fun and educational for kids of all ages in addition to the standard photo ops that are always popular with diehard fans.

Harry Potter Magic

Harry Potter: Magic at Play

So, it’s safe to assume that Harry Potter: Magic at Play will also be an interactive fan experience in the vein of Superfly X’s previous works. Along with Harry Potter New York, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, and the traveling Harry Potter: The Exhibition, it would be awesome to have a fourth Wizarding World attraction. Where, though, might one find Harry Potter: Magic in Action?

Harry Potter: Magic at Play is “coming this fall,” according to the website. The attraction’s description mentions “fall,” not “autumn,” and the locations of Superfly X’s other experiences also indicate that it will be located in North America. After its premiere in Chicago in late 2020, The Friends Experience will travel the country.

Harry Potter Magic

After a successful run in Chicago, The Office Experience is relocating to the nation’s capital in October 2021. Based on this information, we predict that the first stop for Harry Potter: Magic at Play will be Chicago, Illinois, followed by stops in other cities across North America. In fact, with the Office Experience’s impending relocation, there will be space in the city for the Wizarding World to set up shop…

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that the teaser opening date of fall this year on September 1st actually means something for fans. Nonetheless, this is all conjecture until we have more data. Be sure to check MuggleNet frequently for the most recent information as it becomes available.

In what ways do you imagine Harry Potter: Magic at Play will be used? Don’t be shy; share your opinions with us.

Trailer for the Worldwide Release of “Harry Potter”

At NetEase Connect 2022, fans got a first look at the game’s upcoming expansion, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. NetEase Games, a major developer and publisher of video games, streamed the event live and featured both new and existing titles, including Magic Awakened and The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War.

To fully experience the wizarding world, try out this MMO that combines collectible card role-playing with a massively multiplayer online (MMO) format.

Players can create their own unique avatars, visit Diagon Alley to stock up on textbooks and other school necessities, be placed in their respective Hogwarts Houses via a Sorting Ceremony, attend classes to become proficient in the use of various spells and charms and compete with one another in real-time via the Dueling Club.

The official trailer shown at the event compares and contrasts the actions that players take in their regular lives with those that their characters take in the wizarding world. The trailer reveals that players will be able to take a ride on the Hogwarts Express, peruse the library, represent their House in Quidditch matches, and celebrate at a ball in the Great Hall.

Pre-registration for the game’s English version has begun, and testing has begun. On Monday, it was revealed that one million people had preregistered for the game and that everyone who did so would receive 1,000 gold and a Library Pass, which grants access to five spell cards.

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