New HBO Series the Rehearsal From Creator Nathan Fielder Gets Premiere Date!

With much anticipation, the premiere date for Nathan Fielder’s HBO comedy series The Rehearsal has been set. The six-episode series premieres on Friday, July 15, on HBO Max.

Since Nathan for You ended its run on Comedy Central in 2017, its creator, the mastermind behind the show, hasn’t had his own series, but he is an executive producer on HBO’s outstanding How To with John Wilson. Fielder’s career path thus far has resulted in an extremely unique IMDB entry, and it appears that this will continue.

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What’s The Rehearsal, though?

We can only speculate. According to the promotional materials, Fielder hosts a show in which “regular folks” get to practice for some of life’s most crucial scenarios in “well-created simulations.”

From the looks of the ad, such simulations might not be very realistic. If Fielder’s philosophy in Nathan For You is carried over to The Rehearsal, his attempts to assist “actual people” rehearse life will be about as awkward and stupid as they were in Nathan For You.

The picture depicts a number of terrifying, demonic homunculi, leading me to believe that there may be an element of genuine terror to this.

Nathan Fielder

There Will Be a Premiere for Nathan Fielder’s

And yet, we still don’t have a lot of evidence to work with. If you just can’t wait, you can catch a preview in a very little clip that was posted yesterday on Fielder’s Instagram page. If you’d rather relax, you can watch it on HBO this Friday, July 15th. Do what you want, by all means.

Last Monday, comedian Nathan Fielder posted a preview of his upcoming series The Rehearsal with the comment “very soon.” To prove he was serious, HBO has announced a premiere date. The Rehearsal premieres on HBO and HBO on July 15 (less than a month away), so we won’t have to wait long for more Fielder material.

Fielder is the creator, showrunner, show star, and director of the series. The official plot summary for the new season goes as follows: “With a construction team, a legion of actors, and seemingly infinite resources, Fielder allows ordinary people to prepare for life’s biggest moments by rehearsing them in beautifully built simulations of his own design.

Given that one wrong move can lead to catastrophic consequences, Will this be a critique of suburban life? Or, just give Fielder a lot more chances to make folks uncomfortable.

Upcoming HBO Comedy Series

From his 2019 overall contract with HBO comes this new project. Since his Comedy Central show Nathan For You ended production in 2017, the comic will be making his first television appearance since then in The Rehearsal. However, on June 24 he will appear in the new Jenny Slate film Marcel the Shells with Shoes On, in which he plays a minor role.

For the past few years, he’s been busy executive producing the HBO series How To With John Wilson, which just received a third season renewal. The Curse, a Showtime series starring Fielder, the Safdie brothers, and Emma Stone, centers on a married couple dealing with the effects of a supposed curse.

Nathan Fielder

It bears repeating that on July 15 both HBO and HBO Max will premiere Fielder’s comedy series The Rehearsal. Put a reminder on your calendars.

Details of Nathan Fielder’s upcoming HBO comedy series The Rehearsal have been announced. The first episode of the new show will air on Friday, July 15. “Explores the lengths one man will go to alleviate the uncertainties of ordinary life,” the official synopsis reads of the six-part series. The summary proceeds as follows:

The Rehearsal is an independent film that Fielder created, wrote, directed, and starred in. Clark Reinking, Dave Paige, Christine Smith, and Dan McManus all serve as executive producers on the show.

An overall contract between Fielder and HBO was reported to have been reached in 2019. He has now become an executive producer for the network’s How To With John Wilson. After the cancellation of Nathan for You in 2017, Fielder is making his return to the small screen with this new series.

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