Emma Thompson and Daryl Mccormackne’s New Film Show an Older Woman Being Sexual!

The unworldly housewife from Liverpool, on an unexpected girls’ holiday to the Greek islands, enables the local tavern owner to make love to her in a fishing boat, exclaiming, “Oh, he kissed me stretch marks.”

This scene appears in the 1989 classic Shirley Valentine. The stretch marks themselves are invisible, but the lumpy, bumpy skin that accompanies them is not.

Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormackne

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Pauline Collins

Since Pauline Collins was 47 years old when she performed the part, many viewers may have found the role’s frequent bare midriffs and ample breasts to be disturbing. She was “not the sort of actress American fans expect to carry a film that features a nude scene,” a Chicago Tribune reporter noted snobbishly.

Even after 33 years, mature nude scenes are not widely accepted. Now, at the age of 63, Emma Thompson is trying to outdo Shirley, playing a prudish widow who hires a considerably younger s** worker in the film Good Luck to You, Leo Grande (Daryl McCormack).

Thompson’s character brilliantly neurotically offers, “Once people are past the age of 42, people remark she’s so s**y… for her age.”

Though stunning throughout, Thompson’s figure is clearly not the taut, youthful female form we’re used to seeing on TV, with drooping post-breastfeeding boobs, a rounded tummy, and untrimmed pubic hair hiding between Rubenesque thighs. A genuine, used, imperfect, and the gorgeous human body.

Thompson has stated that, contrary to the role she plays, she has many more emotional baggage issues in real life. At this year’s Berlin Film Festival, she compared herself to her character Nancy, who stares at herself in a full-length mirror, and said, “I can’t stand in front of a mirror-like that.”

I can’t just stand here, why would I? I have to tuck something in, I have to turn to the side. Indeed, it is a terrifying thing.

The utilization of older women’s bodies as horror tropes in popular culture makes her choice of the word “horrifying” all the more fascinating. Consider the promotion for last year’s Old, M. Night Shyamalan’s horror film about the onset of old age.

Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormackne

The poster features only two legs: a toned, youthful female calf on the left, and the wrinkly, sun-spotted skin of an elderly female foot on the right.

Although there are many male characters in the film, the age gap is represented by a woman’s shin. Obviously, nothing is worse than a woman’s skin losing its elasticity.

Films that play on our natural fear of aging women, a genre known as “Waxploitation,” have a long history. Remember how repulsed Jack Nicholson was, and how we all were when the young woman who had just been embraced by him in Room 237 suddenly became an old hag?

This scene occurs in the 1980 film The Shining. It’s a shortcut: if you’re young, you’re lovely and deserving of our attention; if you’re old, you’re unsightly and you don’t deserve our attention.

But taking off your clothes isn’t the only goal here. Historically, Hollywood has not welcomed women of a certain age. What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

Darkly Comedic Thriller

A darkly comedic thriller released in 1962, is considered the first Waxploitation film since it plays off the stereotype that actresses beyond the age of 40 are not cast in meaningful roles. The commercial success of the film, which starred Bette Davis and Joan Crawford as aging actress sisters at odds, shocked the filmmakers.

Unfortunately, the odds are still low for mature actresses. The Screen Actors Guild reported in 2019 that only 25.4% of speaking roles in film and television were held by women aged 40 and up.

It’s hardly shocking that popular movies have been slow to depict older women expressing their s**uality because older women are typically portrayed as silent, as a horror stereotype, or as nonexistent. Although there may not have been a dramatic increase in the number of naked middle-aged men on boats since Shirley, times have changed.

Filmmaker Nancy Meyers brought romcoms depicting older women into theatres in the Noughties with 2004’s Something’s Gotta Give, starring 58-year-old Diane Keaton who is sought by two men (Jack Nicholson’s older lothario and Keanu Reaves’ younger doctor).

Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormackne

Then in 2009, Meyers released It’s Complicated, in which Meryl Streep (then 60) and Alec Baldwin (then 45) play a divorced couple who begin having s**ual relations again.

Both comedies portray older ladies putting their s** life first and are lots of fun. Importantly, they are films that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. These aren’t generic romantic comedies that would appeal only to fans of The Full Monty or Calendar Girls.

Meg Ryan, now 60, and David Duchovny, who was a teen idol in the 1990s, star and direct the upcoming romantic comedy What Happens Later.

TV has stepped up to the plate in recent years. And Just Like That is a spinoff of S** and the City, starring three of the original four major cast members as versions of their characters who are older but not necessarily wiser and still fully preoccupied with s**. Carrie catches Big touching himself in front of her while watching the news, and Charlotte gives her husband a blow job before being caught by their daughter.

More intimate than s**y. This goes to show that these folks haven’t changed a bit. They are mature, but they still enjoy s** and wearing dubious clothing.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet, who plays the title character, a beer-swilling, melancholy, middle-aged detective, in HBO’s 2016 movie Mare of Easttown, has revealed she interfered to ensure her plainly bulging belly during an s** scene with Guy Pearce’s character wasn’t cut out.

Winslet described her character as a “fully functional, flawed woman” whose “body and face move in a way that is identical with her age, her life, and where she comes from.” I feel like we could use a little more of it.”

A little bit of a muffin top isn’t going to stop this woman from having s** on date night. Nick Hornby and Stephen Frears’ new series State of the Union, starring Brendan Gleeson and Patricia Clarkson, as a divorcing couple, is another excellent examination of older characters being permitted a normal s** life.

It’s safe to say that some time has passed since Shirley. Female characters over the age of 40 who engage in s**ual activity on TV are nothing new, and neither is the occasional amount of middle-aged flab. More experience with what older bodies truly look like would be the natural next step, and Thompson’s full-length nude scene still seems passionately provocative.

Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormackne

Leo Grande

A sense of effortlessness is still lacking, however, and that’s with Leo Grande. It’s still common for older women’s characters to struggle with their own s**uality and body image. The story gives them the opportunity to develop and improve, but the fact that they are typically humiliated at the story’s outset can leave a reader with the impression that they should be embarrassed.

Although Thompson’s remarks disprove the claim, it’s generally accurate to assume that not all women who look at themselves fully clothed in a full-length mirror are thrilled with what they see. In any case, genuine cinematic equality will be reached when elder bodies can just appear on screen without a path to acceptance to render them more palatable.

After all, Jack Nicholson isn’t the kind to stress over his muffin top.

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