Joel Osteen divorce: How true are the rumours?

Joel Osteen divorce: How true are the rumours?

Joel Osteen has always been embroiled in news and constant controversies. Be it from buying a Ferrari worth $325,000 approximately to having taken a $4.4 million PPP loan during the Covid-19 pandemic, Joel has been the face of them. Now he is making headlines for possibly separating from his wife after 34 years of marriage. We have investigated the issue and we finally have an answer, whether Joel is indeed separating or not.

Who is Joel Osteen?

Joel Osteen is a pastor, television preacher, speaker, writer, and theologian. On March 5, 1963,  he was born to his parents John Osteen and Dolores Pilgrim in Houston, Texas.Osteen is one of the richest pastors in the world. 

He is currently the senior pastor of Lakewood Church founded by his father in 1959. Osteen graduated from Humble High School in Texas in 1981 and attended Euro Roberts University in Oklahoma with a degree in radio and television communications. However, he dropped out of college midway through and helped his father produce a television show for Lakewood Church. After the death of Joel Osteen’s father in 1999, Joel Osteen assumed the office of high priest. 

Under the leadership of Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church became one of the largest churches in the country. By 2016, the congregation began receiving more than 50,000 participants each week. 

At the same time, Joel Osteen’s religious sermons became popular. Its television service has accumulated nearly 10 million views in the United States and is broadcast in more than 100 countries around the world.

Who has he been married to?

Joel Osteen has been married to Victoria Osteen since 1987. She was born on March 28, 1961 in Huntsville, Alabama, and grew up in Houston since when she was two years old. She has been a conservative Christian since she was a child. Her father was a deacon and her mother was a Sunday school teacher.

So are the rumours true?

It would seem that the rumours are completely untrue and baseless. In fact, Victoria describes her relationship with Joel as something built on utmost love which will always keep it alive. 

And unlike other pastors, Joel isn’t against the idea of dicorce as a practice. He has explicitly shown his support for those who do go through it since he himself had witnessed it. His father was a divorcee who eventually married Dolores Pilgrim, Joel’s mother.

How did the rumours start?

Blame it on a 2014 Osteen blog post titled “Let Go of the Ashes.” In it, he wrote: “The enemy wants you to sit on the ashes your whole life, suffering from an unresolved relationship … It’s time to let go of the ashes. If you’ve experienced a divorce, let it go. God has somebody for you in future. “

Osteen’s words do not sound good to some conservatives who do not believe in divorce. Some people speculate that he may not be satisfied with his relationship. But, of course, this is not true. The fact is, Osteen is not a person to focus on sin and punishment in his sermons. Look at either of their social media accounts or Victoria’s and you will quickly confirm that the two of you are still on the united front.


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