Is Ryan Gosling Playing Ken in Barbie and What Compliments Was Given By His Wife at His First Look?

After the first look at Margot Robbie in the film last month left everyone in awe; the Internet is going crazy over Ryan Gosling’s introduction of Ken in the film Barbie.

In the first image of the actor to be released, he can be seen with beach-blonde hair and a denim vest and jeans that are reminiscent of the 1980s.

Eva Mendes Compliments Ryan Gosling’s Barbie First Look

Gosling’s wife gave him a rare social media shoutout, writing, “So. F. Funny.” while her husband was receiving widespread praise online for his charming appearance as Ken. Good as F. I can’t wait until you see this to give you the F-word of approval.

She then added the hashtag, “That’s My Ken.” The first image to be released was of Margot Robbie as Barbie, sitting in a hot pink convertible; the second is of Ryan Gosling.

Release date confirmation for Barbie was announced at Cinema Con last month, setting the film’s debut in July 2023. Conflict with Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, starring Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr., is inevitable.

Greta Gerwig is directing Barbie, which has a cast that includes Simu Liu(Twitter), Issa Rae, Alexandra Shipp, Will Ferrell(Twitter), Hari Nef, and Ncuti Gatwa, Michael Cera, Rhea Perlman, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Emerald Fennell, and Rita Arya. No details about the plot of the movie have been released yet. Barbie was written by Gerwig and Noah Baumbach.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling’s Look as Ken in “Barbie”

The Internet is divided on whether or not Ryan Gosling’s plastic and fantastic Ken in the Margot Robbie-starring “Barbie” is good or bad.

Gosling, who sports platinum blonde hair and a tan for the role, looks suitably plastic while flaunting his washboard abs in a pair of denim shorts.

He wears underwear with his name on them and a smirk on his face. Fans are anticipating a new kind of Barbie movie thanks to director Greta Gerwig, who has garnered praise for her previous work. Issa Rae, Will Ferrell, Hari Nef, Ncuti Gatwa, and Simu Liu also star.

Although many people were impressed by Gosling in the role of Ken, some were skeptical. One commenter under a Facebook post about Ken from Rotten Tomatoes said, “Ryan, sweetie, I can’t keep defending you anymore, I’m sorry.”

That guy isn’t Ken, that’s a Level 10 Chad, someone else chimed in. Many have pointed out similarities between Gosling’s Ken and hairstylist and YouTuber Brad Mondo.

A commenter said, “I’m legit creeped out by this look lol so I’ll definitely check out the movie in hopes it has a plot twist and ends up being a horror movie.”

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Will Play Ken Opposite Margot Robbie’s Barbie

The search for Barbie’s Ken in the Margot Robbie film seems to have been successful. According to Deadline’s sources, Ryan Gosling is close to finalizing a deal to play the iconic Mattel character in Warner Bros. Robbie is playing the lead role, and Greta Gerwig is directing.

Gosling initially declined the role due to his busy schedule, but sources say he eventually agreed after an opening presented itself in his schedule and the studio persisted in making him their only choice.

With Gosling on the verge of signing on, the film is likely to get the go-ahead and could begin production as early as the beginning of 2022. Both Gerwig and Noah Baumbach contributed to the script.

As of yet, the plot specifics are unknown, but given Gerwig’s previous work, it’s safe to assume that it won’t be your typical retelling of the doll’s story.

The film is being produced by Robbie, Tom Ackerley of LuckyChap Entertainment, Robbie Brenner of Mattel, and David Heyman of Heyman Productions. Josey McNamara of LuckyChap and Ynon Kreiz of Mattel serve as executive producers.

When it comes to Gosling, it’s possible that this is some of the most spot-on castings in recent years, and it’s sure to get fans even more excited about what to expect from the film.

The Oscar-nominated actor’s latest film, The Gray Man, co-starring Chris Evans and directed by the Russo Brothers, has finished filming.

Actor Ryan Gosling is represented by CAA and Sloane, Offer, Weber & Dern. CAA, Management 360, and attorney Jeff Bernstein represent LuckyChap.

Ryan Gosling

Frequently Asked Questions

Could Ryan Gosling Be Ken?

There is also Ryan Gosling. Again, Gosling’s casting as Barbie’s Ken is a role he was made for. His hair, as in The Place Beyond the Pines, is a peroxide blond color.

Who Will Play Ken in the Upcoming Barbie Movie?

Ryan Gosling

Casting for the forthcoming Barbie film continues. Ryan Gosling is in talks to play Robbie’s Ken opposite her. According to Deadline, (he was the only choice for the Warner Bros., LuckyChap & Mattel film.)

How Old Is Ken From Barbie?

This Thursday marks Ken’s 60th birthday—a milestone worthy of celebration for the male figurehead of the Barbie franchise.

Even though Ken has come a long way from his 1961 introduction as Barbie’s boyfriend, the company insists there’s plenty of room for him to develop further, thanks to the milestone birthday.

Who plays the 2022 Version of Barbie Will?

Ms. Robbie Margot

Margot Robbie, the film’s producer, will play Barbie, and Ryan Gosling, the film’s co-star, will play Ken.

Do You Know the Plot of the New Barbie Movie?

The film will revolve around a Barbie doll who is banished from Barbieland for her perceived flaws and who embarks on an adventure in the real world where she learns that true perfection lies within herself.

Is There Going to Be a Second Barbie Film?

Expect Barbie’s princess movies of 2022. Recently, word surfaced that 2022 would see the release of Barbie: It Takes Two, the next series in the long-running franchise. Two additional films, Barbie: Mermaid Power and Barbie: Epic Road Trip, have also been announced for release in 2022.

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