The King’s Daughter – What We Know So Far?

The King's Daughter - What We Know So Far?

If you’re a lover of elaborate costume design, historical fantasy (especially French historical fantasy), or simply like mermaids, Gravitas Ventures’ “The King`s Daughter” will fascinate you. In October, Deadline announced an exclusive update that “The King`s Daughter,” which was shot primarily at the Palace of Versailles, finally features a release date after an extended and tumultuous battle. 

In May 2020, Film Stories announced that although it had been filmed in 2014 and “woven in pencil” for its release in April 2015, it had been suspended by Paramount. Film Stories also notes that Vonda N. McIntyre, the author of the film’s source material, originally wrote the script for the story nearly thirty years ago. Although he met with a couple of producers, including Spielberg, he considered filming the story because he feared it might be too expensive to hit the large screen. Now viewers finally bring McIntyre’s vision to life with an excellent cast and a script by Barry Berman and James Schamus. 

Here’s what we all know about “The King’s Daughter.”

Release date of The King’s Daughter

Deadline’s October report stated that “The King’s Daughter,” directed by Chesapeake Shores episode director Sean McNamara (via IMDb), will release 2022 releases as Sony Pictures relaunches “Morbius” and Paramount Pictures “Scream.” thanks to its unique theme, “The King’s Daughter” has got to position itself as a family film, which, additionally to its immense star power, leaves little to be desired by the general public. 

The press agency quoted Gravitas Ventures founder and CEO Nolan Gallagher as saying, “Gravitas is proud to bring the magical world of ‘The King’s Daughter’ to the theaters and houses of North America” and named the show ” Awesome “. It is a heartwarming story that families can enjoy together.” Even the cast, there are certainly a variety of demographics the movie will address, a component which will only contribute to the success of its audience.

The cast of The King’s Daughter

“There is merely one Julie Andrews,” said Sean McNamara at the exclusive deadline, “and she has blessed audiences round the world together with her beautiful voice and incredible storytelling. Be together with her as she tells our story.” That’s right, “The King’s Daughter” has international treasure, Julie Andrews, as our narrator. 

Additionally, to the “Mary Poppins” alumna, former Bond franchise star Pierce Brosnan takes on the role of the longest and most luxurious monarch in French history, Louis XIV, a Bingbing fan from “XMen: Days of Future.” Maze Runner star, Kaya Scodelario, also stars illegitimate daughter Marie Josephe, and William Hurt plays Père La Chaise, Louis XIV. 

Consistent with Kirkus Reviews, “Jessica Jones” star Benjamin Walker eventually plays a priest and philosopher Yves De La Croix. And consistent with the IMDb profile for the film, the cast will also have Rachel Griffiths, Pablo Schreiber, and Ben Lloyd-Hughes.

The plot of The King’s Daughter

“The King`s Daughter” is based on Vonda N. McIntyre’s 1997 historical fantasy novel “The Moon and Sun” (via Goodreads), which defeated George RR Martin’s “A Game of Thrones” by the coveted title TakeHome Nebula Award in 1998 (via Yahoo!). Deadline reports that, as within the novel about King Louis XIV’s obsession, Film Stories shared a trailer for “The King’s Daughter” for the film in its May 2020 update. 

The trailer suggests that the film also focuses largely on Marie Joseph’s inability to integrate into the decadent and treacherous social battlefield of the court of Louis XIV. It seems that there’ll be quite a critical discussion on Louis XIV, the universe that literally and metaphorically revolved around him, his status and treatment of girls, and his attitude towards women in 17th and 18th century France.


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