Miss Mercedes Morr: Murdered By Lover? Autopsy Reveals Tragic Facts

Miss Mercedes Morr: Murdered By Lover? Autopsy Reveals Tragic Facts

The public figure was followed by personalities of the stature of Snoop Dogg and Megan Thee Stallion.

On Sunday, August 29, Janae Gagnier, the famous influencer known as Miss Mercedes Morr, was found dead in her Richmond, Texas, apartment. The social media influencer was successful within the social networking platforms and even conquered followers such as Snoop Dogg and Megan Thee Stallion. The news immediately shocked the entertainment industry, and this morning, the causes of the fatal outcome were known.

What Did The Police Say?

Richmond police found the lifeless body of the renowned Instagram model alongside that of another person who was later identified as Kevin Alexander Accorto. Officers went to the Point West Circle property for a wellness check when they realized the dire outlook.

Immediately, the forensic team prepared to work in the vicinity, and this morning, the E! News managed to get the results of the autopsies that were carried out at the scene. Miss Mercedes Morr died of strangulation followed by a concussion. For his part, Accorto committed suicide with multiple shear force trauma.

So far, the city police maintain the theory that it was a murder followed by suicide, and investigations are continuing to bring justice to Morr’s relatives. The influencer was 33 years old, and it is unknown if she had any romantic relationship with Accorto.

Farewell To Miss Mercedes Morr

In her official Instagram profile, Miss Mercedes Morr had 2.6 million followers, and her popularity was on the rise at the time of the fatal outcome. In her account, the social media star promoted her project “Only Fans.” She gained great fame within the modeling scene.

In the latest post of the influencer, her millions of followers were in charge of offering the last goodbye to the famous.


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