Tom Holland Wishes Zendaya A ‘Happy Birthday! Relationship Confirmed! Deets Inside

Tom Holland Wishes Zendaya A ‘Happy Birthday! Relationship Confirmed! Deets Inside

The actress celebrates her 25 years today, and her filming partner and apparent boyfriend dedicated a tender message to her.

Of the last rumoured couples in show business, one of the most beloved is, without a doubt, that of the actors Zendaya and Tom Holland. They met on the set of the Spider-Man movies, and the chemistry between them was undeniable. 

For years, fans speculated about a possible relationship, but everything seemed to stay there until this year; the first photos were seen while they kissed, and the Internet saw their dream come true. Now, it was the Briton who once again drove everyone crazy with a tender post dedicated to his “MJ.”

Today the youngest Emmy-winning actress celebrates her 25th birthday, and the greetings were not long in coming, but one of the most important was that of the protagonist of “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” The 25-year-old Briton uploaded a postcard to his Instagram account to be seen with his filming partner and apparent girlfriend. 

“My MJ, have the happiest of birthdays,” Holland wrote in the publication, which already has more than 7.5 million likes on the social network. In the photograph, they can be seen in front of the mirror in a dressing room. He has the suit of the Marvel superhero and wounds on his face, which also indicates Peter’s complicated fate in the long-awaited film. Beside him, Zendaya rests her face on his shoulder and takes a picture with an analog camera.

“Call me when you wake up. xx”, Tom completed in the birthday post dedicated to Zendaya. During the early morning hours, the actress shared a story showing that she was on the set of “Euphoria,” the acclaimed HBO series that earned her critical recognition and the highest award of her career so far. 

The Evidence Of Romance Is Piling Up, And Everyone Is Happy

A few months ago, some photographers saw Tom and Zendaya together in a car and got the definitive proof that everyone was waiting for. In the unforgettable images, they can be seen together in a car as they laugh, talk and kiss. Of course, fans celebrated this as if it were the premiere of their next film and more and more evidence about the tender romance.

At the end of August, the couple went together to a wedding of some friends. Although there is not much information about it, it is presumed that it was in Oakland, and in the photographs that transpired, you can see Tom and Zendaya very happy together. All the time spent on set seems to have culminated in a loving relationship.


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