The Prince of Bel-Air: This Actor Replaces Will Smith! Deets Inside

The Prince of Bel-Air: This Actor Replaces Will Smith! Deets Inside

The reboot in the hands of Peacock aims to put a substantial twist on the success of the nineties.

The early 1990s comedy “The Prince of Bel-Air” marked the debut of Will Smith’s prolific career and established itself as one of the most iconic titles on American television over six seasons on the air. It gained new momentum with the advent of streaming, and now, two and a half decades after its last broadcast, NBC is keen to revive the property in reboot format for the streaming service Peacock.

Although the now 52-year-old protagonist will not be in front of the cameras again, he has shown all his support for the project in the producer’s chair and has been in charge of bringing the best news.

In the last hours, Will Smith came online with a video where he surprised his future replacement for the series reversal with the news that he had been selected for the leading role. “From the bottom of my heart, I want to congratulate you,” Smith said in the emotional clip before adding, “You have the role of Will in BEL-AIR.”

The talent in question is Jabari Banks, a graduate of the Philadelphia University of the Arts. Although very young, Banks is like his predecessor, an accomplished songwriter, singer, rapper, and basketball player. 

Although there is no exact premiere date for the new series with Will Smith as executive producer, it is scheduled to reach the Peacock screens sometime in 2022. The series that will have a twist on the original already has a second season assured.

What To Expect From The Reimagining Of The Classic

According to an official description, the new “The Prince of Bel-Air” will delve into the inherent conflicts, emotions, and prejudices that were impossible to explore in a 30-minute comedy format fully. 

This will be set in present-day America and will be a much more dramatic successor in code with an extension of one hour. Even so, it will build on the same original premise, Will’s complicated journey from the streets of West Philadelphia to the closed mansions of Bel-Air, and will not leave aside nods to the base material as its essence.

The Biggest Differences From The Original Series

The ’90s instalment of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” was a sitcom comedy that lasted 30 minutes. Although this did not leave out issues of importance or depth, the basic concept of the strip was light and knew how to move without resorting to being forced or to the detriment of comedy. But the new adaptation of the classic created by Morgan Cooper will be very different.


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