Scrubs Reboot: Is It Happening? Who Will Be In The Cast

Scrubs Reboot: Is It Happening? Who Will Be In The Cast

“Scrubs” is one of the cult series that still has a lot of fans! When it comes to rebooting, a star would be safe on board. 

“Scrubs” came on TV in 2001, a full 20 years ago, wow. The series is currently running again on the Disney Plus streaming service. Now that the series is coming to the fore again and maybe even convincing one or the other new fan of its own, the idea of ​​a reboot of the series is not so absurd. In any case, a star would be more than willing to slip into a very well-known and popular role again.

The creator of the show, Bill Lawrence, previously said that he is open to a reboot series but is not sure if it will happen ever again.

Sarah Chalke Would Be At The Start

In “Scrubs”, we know her as the neurotic and lovable Elliot Reid. Sarah Chalke increased her level of awareness a lot with the series. The actress is now known for roles such as Beth Smith from “Rick & Morty” and plays the leading role alongside Katherine Heigl in the Netflix series “Firefly Lane”. So she really can’t complain about missing roles. Nevertheless, she would find the time to be part of a reboot for “Scrubs”, as she recently revealed in an interview. 

“I would like to. I would even love to be there! We already talked about it. Everyone’s lives are crazy right now, but we talked about how cool it would be to do something like this.”

It seems like Chalke doesn’t fall on deaf ears of her colleagues; we’re happy!

One Of The Most Loved Actors Will No Longer Be Able To Play The Role.

Unfortunately, it would be impossible to bring all of the characters in the series back together by now. Sam Lloyd, who played the part of the lawyer Ted Buckland on “Scrubs” and won the fans’ hearts with his funny and sad manner and his singing skills, unfortunately, passed away much too early. 

He succumbed to cancer after a short battle. Ted was one of the best-supporting roles you could ask for in a comedy series. And that we love him so much is due in large part to Lloyd’s acting skills! We hope that an eventual reboot of “Scrubs” would see the actor and character say goodbye with dignity.


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