Camila Cabello Confirms Shawn Mendes Engagement Rumors

Camila Cabello Confirms Shawn Mendes Engagement Rumors

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes made headlines again this week, and this time for the engagement rumours of the couple that emerged after the singer was allegedly seen wearing a ring in a recent video she shared on TikTok. A simple TikTok video led to the emergence of a strong rumour that none of the singers denied till now. But now, the singers have dropped an official statement regarding their relationship status to let fans know whether they have taken a step further and accepted each other as their fiancees.  

The fan following of the couple can be witnessed by the fact that the two have never been off the headlines in the past two years. The rumour from TikTok speculated after fans spotted a ring on Camila’s left ring finger. 

Camila Cabello Spills Beans On Engagement

During a recent conversation with Jimmy Fallon, where the singer-actress went to promote her latest film ‘Cinderella.’, the singer spilled beans on the rumours. 

Did Shawn Mendes ask you to marry him? Asked Fallow, to which Camila replied without any hesitation. The singer said clean swiping the rumours, 

“No, he hasn’t, and I am not engaged. I don’t do it yet. I swear to God. I don’t know which hand the engagement ring goes on, so sometimes I just put it on my ring finger.”

The singer has clarified that the ring was just part of her attire for the day, and she and Shawn Mendes have a long road ahead till their engagement. 

Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello: The Relationship?

Shawmila, what fans love them to call, are one of the most admired couples in Hollywood. They are an ideal example of a perfect Hollywood couple on social networks. 

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have been together for more than a year. The relationship rumours regarding the two first emerged when the two were featured in the steamy ‘Senorita’; the chemistry between the couple was incredible and resulted in the emergence of their relationship rumours. Soon after these rumours, Camila broke up with her ex-boyfriend and the chapter of Shawn and Camila’s love life began. 

This is not the first time marriage rumours and engagement rumours about the two singers have gone viral across the internet. This time the rumours were spread through the TikTok video. As of now, it has been confirmed by Camila Cabello that both the singers don’t have any plans to get engaged at this particular time.


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