Fans Angry! Twitter Removes One Direction Verified Blue Tick

Fans Angry! Twitter Removes One Direction Verified Blue Tick

Twitter has removed the blue checkmark from the official profile of One Direction and thus freaked fans out. 

One Direction Too Inactive: Twitter Removes The Band’s Blue Tick 

Fans were pretty surprised when they checked Twitter the other day. The only thing that has given everyone a little consistency since One Direction announced their hiatus is that the band’s official profile on social media has continued to exist as usual until now. 

Twitter Has Removed The Blue Tick From One Direction. What Does That Mean Exactly? 

“The blue verification badge on Twitter shows that an account of public interest is genuine. To receive the blue verification badge, your account must be authentic, noteworthy and active,” says the Twitter Help Center. 

One Direction’s profile now seems neither authentic, noteworthy, nor, above all, active for the social media platform. Ok, drama aside: the latter will likely be the real reason for removing the blue tick from One Direction. The band’s last tweet was on July 29th, 2020, for the band’s 10th anniversary. 

One Direction Fans Were Pissed Off The Change On Twitter.

Even if fans keep freaking out about reunion statements by the “One Direction” members, the fact that the band has lost its blue verfication batch on Twitter is a slight slap in the face or heart. Because it shows pretty clearly that we’re further away from a 1D comeback than we might think.  

Fans continue to help their “One Direction” stars to this day by supporting the solo plans and music of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik and by continuing to stream the tracks from One Direction. The Directioners don’t give up and are still one of the most substantial fan communities today. Everyone is super upset when the band loses the blue tick on Twitter on Liam Payne’s birthday, of all places.

In the hashtag #ReverifyOneDirection, fans made their displeasure about this change on Twitter: 

“How could One Direction lose the verification? Fandom makes 3/4 of Twitter,” writes one fan in disbelief and receives a sobering response that the disappointment from fans put into words rather sadly: 

“Because there is no hope of a reunion anymore, so they start to shatter every last spark of hope that fans still have. Keep up the good work, @onedirection.” 

All we have to say for the fans is stay strong, people. Once a Directioner, always a directioner with or without a blue tick on Twitter. 


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