Dakota Johnson: Therapy All Her Life

Dakota Johnson: Therapy All Her Life

Dakota Johnson was surrounded by cameras all her life since childhood. Her parents are none other than Melaine Griffith and Don Johnson, and nevertheless, her grandmother, Tippi Hedren. Despite being famous because of her family, the actress achieved fame after starring in the tempting ’50 Shades’ franchise. However, her fame came with many panic attacks and depression she is still trying to overcome. 

The actress is not new to speak openly about her mental health issues and revealing what she does to overcome her emotions. Recently, during an interview, the 31-year-old actress confessed that she is willing to go to therapy her whole life, not because she can’t survive a day due to her mental health struggles but to continue to learn from the sessions. 

Speaking Openly About Mental Health

At the start of the year, Johnson was a guest star on Drew Barrymore’s show. During the conversation, she revealed the activities she used during the lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic. When other people were busy exploring cooking, dancing or sports, the actress chose to opt for something that puts her apart from the crowd.

The ’50 Shades’ actress said, 

“I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by people who have helped me and pushed me to continue deepening myself.”

Back in the day, the actress revealed that the last panic attack she suffered was during an interview with Jimmy Fallon while promoting one of her films.

“I was running around, and then I started laughing hysterically and the whole team saying ‘but what is he doing?’. I started running, laughing. Then I stood up and started crying,” revealed Dakota.

Dakota Johnson: Relationship With Chris Martin

Coldplay’s Chris Martin broke up with Gwyneth Paltrow after a decade of relationship with the actress in 2014. Later Martin was linked to Dakota Johnson, and it seemed like he finally found the love of his life. The rumours about their relationship first emerged in October 2017 after photos of them grabbing dinner at Sushi Park in LA got viral. 

In April 2021, both were seen in Malibu for a lunch and coffee date, and the rumours about their marriage started to shower all over the internet. Lastly, in July 2021, Martin and Johnson were spotted in Spain. They took a boat ride and were seen black baseball caps.

The two look like they have been enjoying each other’s company. Several times, marriage rumours about the two emerged on the internet, though both have not spoken about marriage in public.


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