Bryan Cranston Could Debut To MCU As A Iconic Villain

Bryan Cranston Could Debut To MCU As A Iconic Villian

This time, Bryan Cranston might be returning to the big screen with a major character, making an MCU debut with an iconic villain. 

Bryan Cranston, popularly known for Breaking Bad, began his acting career in the 1980s and had been racking up some successful projects over the years. The actor matched his potential when Vince Gilligan opted for the lead role in one of the world’s greatest shows of all time ‘Breaking Bad.’

Since the actor who portrayed the role of Walter White has become a highly valuable actor in the industry, even at the age of 65, directors have not stopped pitching. Among these is a project that could land him as the next iconic Marvel villain on the big screen. 

Technically speaking, Bryan Cranston has made his MCU debut. The actor appeared in the MCU when Wanda & Vision watch ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ during the eighth episode of WandaVision. However, it seems like the actor could be seen as a major villain and a role that would be tailor-made for him.

During New York Comic-Con 2018, the actor replied about the possibilities of playing in a superhero film in the future. Before officially naming the character on stage, Cranston made a statement regarding the type of villain he would prefer to portray on the screen.

“I want to play an antagonist who is a fraction smarter than the protagonist but never stops trying to give the hero an easy victory. That is frustrating and boring to watch,” said Cranston.

Bryan Cranston As Mr. Sinister

Following this event, Cranston was told that Nathaniel Essex, also known as Mr. Sinister, looks like Bryan’s character from Breaking Bad, ‘Walter White. The actor also commented on the possibilities of playing Mr. Sinister. 

“That was the character, I admit. Mr. Sinister was the character I was thinking of,” said the actor.

“I guess it’s a selfish point of view. I don’t want to do a character that has been played multiple times before. I don’t want to be compared to ‘your Commissioner Gordon was blah blah blah.’ I don’t want to do that. I want to do something I don’t know. have done,” he added.

Cranston Could Really Become Mr. Sinister

All those who don’t know who Mr. Sinister is are a supervillain far more iconic and dangerous than Thanos. He is one of the most recurring enemies of X-men. Though nothing has been officially confirmed, Cranston’s statements about his choice to portray Mr. Sinister cannot be ruled out. Since the X-men have returned to MCU, it would not take much time for the production house to cast Cranston as Mr. Sinister in an upcoming project.


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