Michael Jackson Is Alive? Fans Thinks So

Michael Jackson Is Alive? Fans Thinks So

On June 25, 2009, fans of the music world suffered from great pain. The death of Michael Jackson was an event that left the whole world in shock. It’s been over 12 years since the pop legend died; many still believe that Michael Jackson is still alive. 

The rumor about the pop legend still being alive has emerged again due to theories that say similar to the other celebrities, Michael Jackson would also have faked his death to avoid the focus and attention of media so that he can live a peaceful life. Some of the theories even suggest that the pop legend was murdered, but that’s not something we will report to you today. 

Embracing the rumor mill, here are some of the most shocking events revolving around the death of Michael Jackson that certainly drop clues that the king of pop might be alive or tangled in a grand conspiracy.

2016: Michael Jackson Was Seen In Paris With His Daughter

In 2016, Paris Jackson, daughter of the pop legend, posted a photo that got viral in literally no time and invigorated a certain theory.  In the photo, Paris Jackson was seen in a car with a silhouette behind her, which resembled the singer, and the rumor mill filled more because his face was covered with a bandana and hat. 

The reality behind the photo and any proof for these theories was never confirmed. Many began to believe that the singer faked his death, but eventually, the image went down from the trends, and the rumors were paused again.

2021: Anonymous Label Death Of Michael Jackson A ‘Murder.’

In June 2021, just before the eleventh anniversary of Michael Jackson, the hacker group Anonymous revealed a strange statement that Michael Jackson’s death was a murder framed as an overdose. The group revealed audio of a call from the night before the singer’s death. 

In the recording, a conversation between Michael Jackson and his lawyer Dieter Weisner is heard. In the recording, he is revealed saying that he has been feared for his life as someone even more powerful than the government is trying to harm him because he was onto exposing a huge child trafficking network in the United States. Day after, Michael Jackson was found dead, and the reason, overdose. 

What Really Happened To Michael Jackson?

Apart from the theories and rumors, the official statements revealed that Michael Jackson died at age 50 due to an overdose of medications he used to take for his insomnia. Many still believe that the overdose was intentional poisioning.



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