Tom Holland And Zendaya Wedding Photos Are Trending On Twitter

Tom Holland And Zendaya Wedding Photos Are Trending On Twitter

Tom Holland and Zendaya were seen together at a wedding. The two are kind of a couple, right?

Tom Holland and Zendaya are a couple – or not ?! Weeks ago, the two were caught making out in the car. Not only from the paparazzi who follow them every step of the way but also from Zendaya’s mother, who spied on the two of them while they were making out. Fans are still a little skeptical, but photos of the two have now appeared at a wedding. A mutual friend? Or is someone from the other “Plus 1” here?

Cute Photos Popped Up

The two of them were at a wedding in Oakland last weekend – and the photos of Holland and Zendaya on Twitter are just cute! They were both sitting at the table together and there is even a photo that seems a little more intimate: One of the pictures shows Zendaya leaning her head against Holland. 

Fans recognized this pose very quickly: In “Spider-Man: Far From Home” the two of them were lying next to each other on the plane at the end of the film. Fan service or real romance? The fans still don’t agree on that. Either way, they’re freaking out on Twitter! One fan wrote: 

“It’s 6 am and NOW I know Tom Holland is not in the UK but at a wedding with Zendaya. He lives the best life.” Another fan tweeted: ” Zendaya and Tom Holland are Hollywood’s It-Couple, I know it’s true .”

Are They A Couple?

To date, neither of the two has commented on the rumors and photos. Are the two of them a couple, or is it just a PR stunt to promote the latest “Spider-Man” film? After all, the trailer for “Spider-Man: No Way Home” has been online since yesterday. Is it all just a coincidence? Since the kiss in the car, the two have been seen together again and again, including on a dinner date. It can’t all be just for the advertising drum, can it? We hope the two are really a couple; they just look too cute together! But we will have to wait until we have an official statement.

The relationship rumors about the two came a long time ago since the premiere of Spider-Man: Far From Home. But later, the rumors were discontinued after Zendaya officially announced that she was dating Jacob Elordi, with whom she later broke up. Now the rumors about their speculated relationship have fueled again, and we just hope that this time the rumors turn true. 


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